According to reports from local authorities, a tractor trailer and a car were involved in an accident near exit number 5 just off Interstate 93.

As reported by, emergency rescue operators who arrived on scene reported that they were unable to pry out one of the victims from the mangled remains at first. They also found another victim unresponsive. An air ambulance was called for but it was unable to reach the accident site due to bad weather (a passing thunderstorm). Responders also requested that a trauma activation team be on standby for when the injured persons arrive at Elliot Hospital in Manchester.

The Department of Transportation New Hampshire sent out a tweet instructing motorists to avoid northbound exit 5 off ramp. Emergency responders also called in for a second medical team from Derry to help assist with the situation.

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Road accident involving truck and motorcycle leaves one dead

A 59 year old man from Haverhill, Massachusetts identified as Robert Campbell was killed after his motorcycle was struck by a truck in Concord, which is just less than 18 miles from Manchester, New Hampshire. Police authorities from New Hampshire have admitted that they require help to comprehend what exactly happened prior to the accident which caused it.

They have requested that anybody that might have witnessed the accident or have information about the accident, get in touch with them. The accident occurred at the intersection of Route 106 and D’Amante Drive. Campbell was rushed to a nearby Concorde hospital for treatment but healthcare professionals at the medical facility declared him dead on arrival. The pickup truck involved in the crash had two occupants, including the driver. Both of them escaped unscathed. Investigators are still investigating remains and the crash site for clues as to the probable cause of the accident.

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Garbage runs over and kills bicyclist

According to reports, the crash took place on Wednesday afternoon in Exeter on Epping Road, around 30 miles from Manchester. The decedent who was riding the bicycle has been identified by local authorities as 64 year old Margaret Rugg, a resident of Exeter, according to a report by

According to witness reports, Rugg was riding her bicycle in a construction zone when she lost control and fell into the path of a garbage truck which ran over her. Emergency medical staff pronounced her dead on the scene. The fatality is still under investigation, but authorities believe no alcohol or drug impairment was a factor in the crash and will not be pressing any charges.

Truck accident laws in New Hampshire

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