Phoenix, AZ- A freak accident involving a tractor-trailer and tour bus near the California-Arizona border left four people dead and 21 people injured. The accident occurred Wednesday around 2:15 a.m. in Blythe, California. According to California Highway Patrol, an eastbound tractor –trailer, which was carrying large steel pipes, was attempting to pass a slow-moving vehicle. As the driver pulled to the left of 10 Freeway, the wheels of the big rig became stuck in the dirt and jackknifed, spill the large pipes across the freeway. What happened next is unclear; CHP said that either the bus swerved to avoid colliding with the pipes or it was struck by the pipes. Either way, the bus overturned leaving four passengers of its 32 passengers dead. Four additional vehicles traveling in the eastbound lanes were also involved in the accident. According to the Huffington Post, 21 people were injured. The identities of the deceased have not been released. The discount bus line was carrying passengers from El Paso to California via Phoenix. The company that owns the bus, El Paso-Los Angeles Limousine Express Inc., told Arizona Central that the bus drivers switched in Phoenix. They were unclear if the new driver was among the deceased. Officials had to close both sides of the 10 Freeway for several hours while the accident was investigated and the scene was cleared. A jackknife truck accident is one of the most terrifying accidents that truck driver or passenger vehicle motorist can be involved in and it this type of accident also happens to be deadly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, jackknife accidents account for 10 percent of all fatal truck accidents. This type of accident is almost always the result of driver error. A passenger vehicle motorist can cause a jackknife accident by stopping suddenly in the path of large tractor-trailer forcing the driver to slam on their brakes. In this case the truck driver has no control and shouldn’t have to take responsibility for another person’s negligence. However a large number of jackknife accidents occur as a result of a truck driver’s actions. These types of truck accidents can be attributed to traveling too fast for road conditions or failing to see that traffic has slowed or stopped in front of them. Other causes of jackknife accidents include driving on slippery roads, taking tight right corners, unbalanced light loads and improperly functioning braking systems. Truck accidents are frightening and disturbing for all the victims involved. For the victims who are fortunate to survive, they may suffer serious injuries and face a long road to recovery. Some truck accident victims lose valuable wages while they recover and others may never be able to work again in their lives. When an injury victim contacts a Phoenix truck accident lawyer they will be able to determine the value of their injuries and avoid accepting less than adequate or fair settlement. Even though the victims may receive a settlement offer early on, they must be wary of accepting the first offer they receive and should contact a Phoenix truck accident attorney immediately. With legal assistance, a truck accident victim will be able obtain a larger settlement than they were initially offered.