It was a rough commute for drivers on I-95 Monday morning after a truck driver with an unsecured load of steel rods had a spill causing several vehicles to suffer a flat tire. Some vehicles even sustained damage to the rims of their tires. Palm Beach Post reported that nearly 30 vehicles suffered damage along a 7-mile stretch. Oddly enough, there were no witnesses to the spill and a Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson, Lt. Alvaro Feola, is saying that the driver may not have even been aware that the rods fell from his/her truck.

Feola said that if anyone has any information that they should contact FHP as they still have no word on which truck caused this mess or even a description.  Feola said that even if the truck driver is identified, they may only receive a ticket seeing that this incident would be considered a moving violation for failing to secure their load. The driver wouldn’t even have points added to their license.  The ticket would, however, cost the driver $200 given it is a first offense for traveling with an unsecured load. But, if this was his/her second offense, they would be a fined as well possibly having their license suspended for a minimum of one year.

Now, if the accident had resulted in a serious injury, the driver would be faced with harsher penalties. The source says a truck driver who causes an accident because they failed to secure their load would be issued a criminal traffic citation, which is a second-degree misdemeanor that is punishable by a $500 fine, 60 days in custody, or both.


South Florida Woman Killed by Metal Debris on Northbound Side of I-275 on the Howard Frankland Bridge


While these South Florida drivers were lucky enough to have only suffered a flat tire, an accident occurred earlier in the month involving roadway debris that was responsible for taking a woman’s life. According to NBC Miami, a driver in Pinellas County ran over a piece of metal debris in the roadway which caused it to launch up into the air, strike the engine hood of another vehicle, and penetrate the windshield. The woman died as a result of the impact and has been identified as Margaret Musto.


Roadway Debris is a Big Issue for Florida Drivers


The Palm Beach Post also reported that road debris has actually become a major issue for drivers who travel on I-95. The Florida Department of Transportation reported that more than 175 tons of litter is collected annually on the interstate from Boca Raton to Jupiter. But, just imagine how much more is collected from all the other highways and busy roadways?

Truck drivers are required by law to secure their loads. When they fail to do so, it puts the lives of others in danger as the cargo they are carrying could fall off.

Therefore, as a truck driver, it is important that you always secure your load before taking off as these types of incidents can actually be prevented. As for drivers of single-passenger vehicles, it is also important for you to refrain from throwing anything out of your vehicle or leaving an object in the roadway should it fall off.


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