According to the NHTSA, 30,000 occupants and non-occupants were injured in crashes involving large trucks in 2015 while 667 people were killed. If you happen to be injured in a truck accident or if you happen to know someone that sustained injuries due to a truck accident, then you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries and losses.

However, in order to receive compensation for these injuries and losses, you need to file a civil lawsuit against the liable parties and then prove the allegations made within the lawsuit.

However, filing and winning a truck accident lawsuit is no walk in the park. As the plaintiff in the case, the burden of proof lies upon your shoulders.

What this means is that you are responsible for proving the allegations and claims made within the lawsuit and that the defendant will be deemed innocent until proved guilty. Proving liability is easier said than done. Obviously the judge or the jurors in charge of the case are not just going to take your word for it.

If you are going to prove your truck accident lawsuit, then it has to be with the help of concrete evidence such as:

 photographic evidence
 video graphic evidence
 witness statements
 police reports
 expert testimonies, etc.

…..say expert legal pros.

Why you should get a truck accident legal representative

As per statistics released by the NHTSA, in Louisiana, 247 were killed in accidents involving large trucks due to impaired driving, in 2014. There were 245 fatalities registered in 2015. That is a little less but not by much. All these technologies in cars and still this many people are dying. That is nothing to smile about!

To complicate things even more, truck accident laws are vast and convoluted. If you want to stand a fighting chance of suing a trucker or a trucking company successfully then you most certainly need the representation of a fantastic and remarkable legal pro who is well versed with the laws of Louisiana in particular. You can have instant access to any of them right here at

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Not only will one of our legal representatives be able to help prove your truck accident claim, but in case you decide to settle the lawsuit outside of court, then your legal team will be able to assist with the negotiations and ensure that you do not get swindled by truck accident insurance adjustors.

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At, our Baton Rouge, Louisiana truck accident lawyers have the acumen to help you in this situation and have represented countless amount of victims receive compensation that they deserve via an out of court settlement or accident lawsuit or even from a court verdict.

These legal pros work closely with private investigators that will be able to inspect every detail and element of your truck accident case and gather all the evidence required to prove your lawsuit.

To kick start your claim all you need is to use the interactive map on our site. Click on your county to find a legal counselor who you can call. You can also find several lawyers depending on where you live if you head over to the front page of this website and use the Local Lawyers Directory Search. With just a few keystrokes, you can have access to some serious legal talent. You only need one and you can avoid the normal search engine clutter by using this harmonious virtual tool.

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The first meeting is free. They only are paid if you are paid. Since they only take a percentage of the final verdict or settlement, you never have to write them a check. If your case is viable, you are in suitable hands and on the right track.

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