Just 350,000 truck drivers own their vehicles, according to the Owner-Operator Association of Independent Drivers.

Volusia County, FL-Have you been involved in a commercial trucking accident? Were you hurt? Are you hoping to recover compensation? If you plan on filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim, your accident needs to undergo a thorough investigation. It’s the crucial first step to having a successful truck accident claim. Our team of truck accident lawyers in Florida explains why.

Preliminary Investigations Are Critical

An initial investigation is the first critical step in a trucking accident claim. The accident scene and the vehicles involved contain a lot of evidence that will help you identify the liable party or parties. There may be clues inside a truck that point to a driver’s state of mind or any activities they engaged in that may have contributed to your truck wreck. Such information may not be included in an accident report but could be relevant to your case. If you don’t act quickly, valuable evidence could be lost. A trucking accident lawyer will work promptly to preserve any evidence pertinent to your accident.

Witnesses, which can include paramedics, tow truck drivers, and motorists who may have witnessed your accident, need to be contacted as soon as possible so that they can recall events clearly. An attorney knows how to locate any potential witnesses that can offer insight into your crash and build on the strength of your trucking accident claim.

Trucking accident lawyers will locate other essential pieces of evidence such as a truck’s black box, driver logbooks, and their driving history. A knowledgeable litigator will look for every source of evidence they can find to build on the strength of your injury claim.

Did a Truck Driver or Trucking Company Violate Safety Regulations?

Another important aspect of a truck accident investigation is to determine if a driver or a trucking company violated state or federal regulations. Breaking those rules is considered legally negligent and can be used to build on the strength of your civil injury claim. Your legal representative will ask the following to determine if a trucking company is in violation of federal regulations:

Under federal law, a trucking company is responsible for their vehicles, so they could be liable for a victim’s injuries if one of their drivers causes a crash.

Did a driver violate hours-of-service rules (HOS)? Did a trucking company encourage a trucker to violate HOS rules?

Does the at-fault driver have a valid commercial driver’s license?

Was the vehicle involved inspected and repaired as needed?

Does the truck owner carry the minimum insurance requirements?

Are drivers given routine drug tests as the law requires?

Does a trucking company have citations from federal inspectors on their record?

For the safety of everyone, trucking companies are heavily regulated and cover a wide array of topics such as driver qualifications, hours of service, and vehicle maintenance. If a trucking company violates any safety regulations, they can also be held accountable for an accident victim’s injuries or death. To find out is a trucking company is financially liable for your crash, USAttorneys.com recommends you speak to a truck crash lawyer in Volusia County, Florida and let them begin investigating your crash.