No two truck accidents are the same, but generally they can be placed in one of six categories. These categories are as follows: 1. Left turns, 2. Underrides, 3. Rear end crashes, 4. Parked trucks, 5. Improper maneuvers, and 6. Improper loading.

Always consult a trucking lawyer after a truck accident

In each one of these cases the truck operator, owner, driver or the truck company may be held liable for the accident, and thus responsible for the economic damages caused as a result of the accident itself. If you or someone you know have become the victims of a Dallas truck accident, it is important to consult an amazing and proven Dallas truck accident lawyer regarding the case.

In many cases, victims are approached right away by truck accident insurance adjustors who try their best to coerce victims into a settlement. These settlements are often undervalued and intended to save the trucking company money and keep them out of litigation.

Truck accidents come in all shapes and sizes. Like snow flakes, none of them are the same. This is where a Dallas tuck accident lawyer steps in the picture. You may even be able to pick up some worker’s compensation. This website discusses this…

Hence, it is best not to strike a deal with insurance adjustors at least until you have first spoken with an experienced Dallas truck accident attorney and have an idea of what your truck accident claim is actually worth in terms of money. You can find one of the best that is available using this outstanding website/digital tool, it is

A brief description of the different types of trucking accidents

  1. Left turns: A left turn is a risky maneuver irrespective of what vehicle is performing it and this is especially true when there is vehicle following closely behind and to the left of the vehicle executing the left turn. Trucks are much lengthier than other motor vehicles and therefore the amount of time required for them to complete a turn is longer, which is why truck drivers are trained to remain vigilant and ensure that there are no vehicles following closely behind before turning left.
  2. Underrides: Underrides are often catastrophic and fatal. They occur when a truck begins to make a turn all of a sudden and the vehicle/s behind do not have sufficient time to brake, and end up driving into and getting lodged in the underside of the trailer. The driver and passengers are often decapitated by such collisions.
  3. Rear end crashes: A rear end involving a truck is no different to a rear end car collision. The only difference is that trucks have the potential to cause much more serious damage than a car which Dallas truck accident lawyers know all about.
  4. Parked trucks: FMSCA laws dictate that truck operators place warning markers well ahead of where the truck is parked to warn on coming motorists and avert collision. A truck parked or pulled over on the side of the road is extremely hazardous as motorists fail to see it until it is too late.
  5. Improper maneuvers: Unsafe lane changes, failure to yield to traffic signs, and speeding are all classified as an improper maneuver truck accident case.
  6. Cargo shifts: Trucks haul heavy payloads that need to be properly loaded and restrained. A shift in the payload causes a considerable shift in the center of gravity of the truck and will make maneuvering it extremely difficult (nearly impossible in some cases) and could result in an accident.

No matter what type of trucking accident you may be involved in, don’t waste time in seeking assistance from a Dallas truck accident lawyer – make the phone call sooner rather than later. This is the best way to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you rightly deserve.