If you or someone you know have fallen victim to a truck accident, remember that it is never wise to be in a hurry to settle your case. This is a trick that trucking companies and their insurers use to make sure they don’t end up spending too much to compensate a victim of their own negligence.

Trucks are governed by regulations laid down by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), and these regulations dictate that trucking companies need to insure their vehicles for a lot more than what regular cars and motorcycles are insured for.

According to Michigan truck accident lawyers and one of the best can be found right here http://www.bredell.com/, trucks are generally insured in the order of millions of dollars, which is why negotiators from the insurance company will reach out to you almost immediately and attempt to coax you into a settlement by offering you a certain sum of money.

While this amount may seem lucrative at first, it is actually only a fraction of what you may be awarded in a court of law. But there is a risk if you go to court and that route could last 1-2 years.

Speak to a truck accident lawyer

The best course of action to take after a trucking accident is to politely decline all settlement offers or at least tell the negotiators that you will get back to them and then go consult an expert such as an Ypsilanti truck accident attorney. Only a fabulous and adept lawyer will be able to fully analyze the details of your accident and the extent of the damages that you have incurred.

Once the lawyer has his or her head wrapped around all of this information and case specific details, the lawyer will be able to put a value on what exactly your claim maybe worth. And when you hear that number, you will be shocked at how little the trucking company offered to pay you to settle the case in the first place.

What your truck accident claims are really worth

Sometimes, a lot of people believe that their case or damages isn’t really worth much more than what they are offered and end up taking the offer. This is usually because either they don’t know the full extent of the damages that they have suffered yet or they have been told by a friend or someone close to them (someone that was also involved in a trucking accident case) about what their claim maybe approximately worth.

At times, truck accident victims take a few days or maybe even a week to realize how much they have actually suffered as a result of the accident. This is because they tend to under estimate their injuries and medical bills at first, and are then overwhelmed when a physician tells them that their injury is much more severe than they first thought and that it will require medical attention which is not cheap.

Secondly, victims also forget the mental trauma that has been afflicted on them as a result of the accident, a lot of times, truck accident survivors are permanently mentally scarred and feel apprehensive about driving or riding in a car. On top of this, some physical suffering does not become evident months after the crash took place. Just ask a chiropractor about that!

No accident is the same

Another point to note about truck accident claims are that they are unique, no two truck accidents are the same, and the value of their claims cannot be same either. Never judge your accident by comparing it to the accident of someone else. Always find a professional and respectable opinion and this is where Ypsilanti, Michigan truck accident lawyers step into the picture. Do you want a name? Look no further than the standout law firm of Bredell & Bredell.