Chicago, IL- Estimates from the National Traffic Safety Administration put the number of accidents involving commercial trucks at approximately 50,000 a year in the U.S. That pales in comparison to the number of passenger car accidents, but a truck accident is twice as deadly and costly for the victims. Given the dangerous and costly nature of truck accidents, it is imperative victims in Illinois understand the importance of a truck accident investigations, which our team of truck accident lawyers will explain.

If you want to present an effective truck accident claim that results in a fair settlement, you must present evidence that shows who is at fault and why. That requires a comprehensive investigation that examines all aspects of truck accident to determine the cause and pinpoint the parties who should be held accountable for the injuries or deaths that result.

Typically, responding law enforcement will investigate a truck accident so they can determine who is at-fault and cite the driver. But an investigating officer’s primary concern is not your personal injury suit, it is determining which traffic laws were violated and who should be cited. That doesn’t mean the investigation they conduct isn’t adequate; it just means it may not be as comprehensive as you need to for your injury claim. That is one of the primary reasons you need and truck accident lawyer working on your claim.

Some important pieces of evidence may appear to be irrelevant or is overlooked by law enforcement, but is truly crucial to your injury claim. Such pieces of evidence include the driver’s safety record, the safety of the trucking company or truck owner a driver works for, a truck’s inspection history and prior police records. Black boxes which are in most commercial trucks should also be examined and can give a snapshot of a truck driver’s actions before a catastrophic truck accident.

And because they know how to conduct a thorough truck accident investigation, a truck crash lawyer has resources that allow them to identify and track down witnesses that may be critical to your case. Much of the information from these resources can give build on the strength of your claim and can have a bearing on the final settlement amount you receive.

If you are injured in a truck accident, USAttorneys urges you to speak with a truck accident lawyer in Illinois as soon as you are able. Timeliness is critical when filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Damage to roadways, trucks and autos will be repaired quickly, and much evidence can be lost unless you act quickly and enlist legal counsel to begin working on your claim. When you retain an attorney early on, you have a better chance of securing the settlement amount that is needed and deserved, whether you plan to accept a settlement from an insurance company or choose to file an accident claim in civil court.

Truck drivers who are injured and out of work because of a truck accident should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer in Illinois to work on their injury claim. USAttorneys can also help you find legal assistance so you can begin receiving workers’ comp benefits.