Every trucking company is required to carry a specific amount of insurance to help them cover damages in case an accident occurs.  In Michigan, trucking companies are required to carry at least $750,000 worth of insurance to cover bodily injury damage. However, if the truck carries hazardous materials then they are required to carry a minimum of $5,000,000 of coverage.

The amount of insurance truck drivers must carry is much higher than those for regular vehicles because of the greater amount of damage such accidents cause. The sheer size and weight of trucks alongside the greater number of parties involved in such accidents result in a lot more money required to cover the expenses. The victims of truck-related accidents are entitled to receive enough compensation to help them cover all the losses they suffered.

However, before they receive this compensation, they must provide evidence showing the damages they suffered. Once they have established the total amount they lost, the court can compel the trucking company and any relevant negligent party to provide a person with compensation for what they lost.

The exact evidence a person gathers is based on the type of damage and the location of the damage to one’s vehicle. The data box recorder contains essential evidence about how fast the automobiles were traveling and the braking distance as well and this can be used to prove which driver was at fault for the collision.

No-Fault Law for Truck Accident Cases in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The no-fault auto insurance system in Michigan means that anyone who gets into a truck accident must collect insurance for their respective insurer. However, when it comes to truck accidents the amount of damage a person faced will undoubtedly be much higher than a regular accident so there are exceptions to the no-fault law. Individuals should get in touch with a truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to get the legal help they need.

Without professional legal help, a person may find themselves with a lower settlement amount that is not enough for them to even pay for the harm they suffered. It is also vital that a person connects with an attorney so they can find out who was responsible for causing the accident. The truck driver, trucking company, manufacturer of truck parts, or any relevant party can be held to account based on the evidence found after an investigation.

The victims of a collision should not delay claiming as the longer they take, the higher their chances are of missing important evidence and possibly even missing the deadline mandated by the Michigan statute of limitations.

Get in touch with a truck accident attorney at the Neumann Law Group as soon as possible to get compensated for the harm endured after a truck collision.

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