Truck accident deaths are on the decline.

Truck accident deaths are on the decline.

Birmingham, AL- New data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) shows that fatal truck accidents are on the decline. That is good news for motorists, but the data isn’t all promising, as injuries from truck accidents are on the rise.

According to their latest Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts, which was released this week, the FMCSA found that fatal crashes involving buses and commercial trucks decreased 5 percent in 2014. There were 3,921 fatal accidents in 2013, but that number dropped to 3,744 in 2014. That drop is in spite of the fact that the miles traveled by commercial trucks increased by 1.5 percent.

But as fatalities decrease, injuries resulting from commercial truck accidents are on the rise. The report shows that truck crashes involving injuries increased 21 percent in 2014, climbing from 73,000 to 88,000. Property damage crashes also increased a stunning 31 percent with that number rising from 265,000 to 346,000 between 2013 and 2014.

Spinal, neck and head injuries are common in truck accidents.

The FMCSA also found in 58 percent of fatal crashes that passenger vehicle motorists were at fault while truck drivers were responsible for 34 percent of large truck crashes. Those statistics show that passenger vehicle motorists are responsible for the bulk of deadly accidents, but there are still a large number of truck drivers who engage in negligent actions.

The most common negligent action for both truck drivers and bus drivers was “speeding of any kind,” with distraction or inattention coming in at number two, according to the FMCSA report. Impairment which includes fatigue, impairment or illness” was the third leading cause of fatal commercial vehicle accidents.

Only 1 percent of police reported truck crashes ended in fatality.

Only 1 percent of police reported truck crashes ended in a fatality.

Additional notable statistics from the report include:

Thirty-seven percent fatal truck and bus crashes, 19 percent crashes resulting in injuries, and 20% of all property-damage-only crashes involving large trucks occurred at night between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am.

Just 1 percent of the 411,000 police-reported crashes involving commercial trucks resulted in a fatality while 20 percent resulted in at least one nonfatal injury.

Eighty-four percent of fatal truck accidents and 88 percent of injury crashes occurred Monday through Friday.

Forty percent of impaired driving truck accidents involved a truck driver who was fatigued or fell asleep.

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Filing a truck accident claim requires expert assistance.

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