You can suffer severe injuries in a truck accident. Let one of our accident attorneys work on your injury claim.

Pittsburgh, PA- Being involved in a collision with a commercial truck can be devastating for a passenger vehicle driver and passenger. When the enormity and weightiness of a semi, tanker, or dump truck are taken into consideration, it is no surprise that truck accident victims often suffer severe or catastrophic injuries and need to understand some of the basics of filing an injury claim in Pittsburgh.

First, you should be aware of your legal rights. If you or a loved one were injured by a truck driver’s or a trucking company’s negligent actions, you must file your personal injury claim within two years of the date your accident occurred.  Any truck accident claims not filed before Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, will be dismissed.

Next, you should know that you are entitled to compensation for your accident-related expenses including your medical bills, rehabilitation, property damage, lost wages and emotional distress. When a loved one is killed, you may be entitled to seek compensation for the deceased victim’s burial and funeral expenses, loss of companionship and loss of financial support. Also, depending on the extent of the victim’s injuries and the actions of a truck driver or trucking company, you may be entitled to other types of compensation such as punitive damages. To determine the types of compensation you are eligible to; USAttorneys recommends you set up a consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to see what types of compensation you may be entitled to before accepting a settlement.

A commercial truck can cause a victim to suffer major injuries, so you need an expert working on your claim.

Lastly, you need to understand how your final settlement will be affected if you take some responsibility for an accident or the extent of your injuries. In such cases, Pennsylvania uses a comparative fault standard. Under the comparative fault standard, each party is assigned a percentage of liability for a crash, depending on their actions. For instance, if your injuries were more severe because you weren’t wearing a seatbelt, you can be assigned a small fraction responsibility which will be deducted from your final settlement amount. So, if you were assigned 10 percent liability, you will only receive 90 percent of the settlement amount. However, if you are more than 50 percent to blame for a truck accident, you won’t be able to file a civil claim and will have to file a claim with your insurance company.

There are many important aspects to filing a truck accident in Pennsylvania, which why we recommend you speak with a local truck accident lawyer. You will have a better chance of securing a fair settlement if you have someone well-versed in the state’s personal injury laws. Our team in Pittsburgh will explain your rights and outline the means you have to recover damages for your accident.In the wake of a truck accident, victims need answers and have a lot of important decisions to make. USAttorneys can help them find an attorney to shed light on their case and help them make the important decisions.

Truck accident victims face costly medical bills which can be recovered by retaining a truck accident lawyer.

Truck accident victims face costly medical bills which can be recovered by retaining a truck accident lawyer.