Although you would think that all automotive collisions would be handled the same seeing that they are all considered vehicular accidents, generally they aren’t. When we refer to truck accidents, we are focusing on those involving the larger trucks including semi’s, tractors, and 18-wheelers. Although most truck accidents that occur aren’t in fact caused by the truck driver, these collisions are known to increase the severity of an injury, especially to those who were involved and weren’t driving the truck.

Determining Fault and Liability in a Truck Accident

Unlike most car accidents where either one or both of the drivers involved are responsible for causing the incident, in a truck accident, liability can be placed on the company in which the truck driver is employed by. Sometimes they are contracted with well-known companies, and other times they are only working as an independent contractor before they move on to the next job. Either way, many of these larger trucks are known to malfunction which is something that definitely needs to be taken into account when a claim or lawsuit is filed.

So, to clarify, a truck accident claim differs because there is usually more the one party that can be held accountable for the damages. And in some cases, the trucker may be free from guilt if the truck he was provided to drive was defective. In the event you were involved in an accident with a semi or tractor truck, it is always advisable to hire a skilled Herkimer County, NY truck accident attorney as they are already familiar with this and will work to ensure everyone who can be held accountable is. 

If you were harmed in the midst of a truck accident, you need to be certain you are paid out the compensation that you deserve, not what the insurer thinks is fair.

Getting the Compensation You Deserve

Another way in which a truck accident claim differs from that of a car is that the injuries are usually much more severe. And because of this, the victim is usually looking to obtain more compensation as they may have incurred expensive medical bills, lost time away from work, and may be permanently disabled because of the accident. Of course these are damages that can be claimed in any collision, but trying to get the necessary funds may become more of a challenge if the insurer involved isn’t cooperating. Again, that is why you want to have a dedicated NY trucking accident lawyer available to speak on your behalf so they can fight for the rightful compensation you deserve.

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Insurance claims filed for trucking collisions can take time to get processed and that is something you may not have. If you aren’t working or can’t afford the proper medical care, you need an attorney who specializes in truck accident claims in Herkimer County, NY to step in and help speed up the process. is known for their ability to help accident victims find reputable lawyers close by to them and will be more than willing to assist you as well.