According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, in 2014 as many as 50 fatal accidents involved trucks while as many as 2,569 people were injured in a trucking accident in the same year.

This is nothing to write home about. This is nothing to brag about. This is a strong case for human beings not being in the control of trucks. Really you could ask are the trucks in control of the driver? The technology is almost there where we do not need truck drivers which is not that much different than airplane pilots and their situation. Both jobs will be obsolete in the years ahead according to some insiders.

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But right now we need to deal with truck drivers and their massive machines. We will always need them operating. We have to eat! We have to have clothes!

Truck accident lawsuits are complex because trucking laws vary from state to state and are complex in nature. In addition, trucking operations are subjected to both state laws and federal trucking laws put in place by the Federal Motor Service Carrier Administration (FMSCA).

What to expect with a truck accident lawsuit

There is a lot involved in a truck accident lawsuit and it may prove to be more than you can handle yourself and so we highly recommend that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible if you happen to be the victim of a truck accident. Here are some of the basic aspects to a truck accident case or lawsuit, as explained by marvelous truck accident lawyers in Anne Arundel County, MD who can be found on the incredible website which is shocking everyone in its pursuit to help out everyone in the country who needs legal help.

Getting smashed by a truck is no fun. Make the consequences not very fun for them by hiring a legal counselor.

How your claim will be evaluated?

How much you can claim as compensatory damages depends on the economic and non-economic damages inflicted upon you. A professional attorney will be able to extrapolate this number by considering factors such as medical bills, lost past and future wages, repair bills and so forth in terms of economic damages and things such as loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, pain and suffering, and so forth in terms of non-economic damages.

What is the process of a truck accident case?

As mentioned, the laws vary from state to state. However, generally, the process involves a few common stages such as:

The preliminary investigation – A certified professional truck accident investigator will have to investigate and compile a report on the accident as dictated by federal regulations.

Filing of the lawsuit and the process of discovery – This is the process whereby you or your legal representative will request the trucking company in question to preserve and hand over potential evidence and this is also the process whereby you can acquire evidence and information from government agencies which you can use in your favor in the case too.

Mediation – This is where an unbiased third party is involved and the two sides may find some middle ground and settle the case outside of court. This involves negotiation with truck accident insurance adjustors and so forth.

Trial – In case the two sides cannot agree on a fair settlement, then a trial date will be set and you will have to present your case and the evidence in court and prove the negligence of the defendant whereby you will be awarded compensatory damages if you win the case.

If you do not win like what happened in with America and Lois Lerner who turned the IRS into her personal vendetta fiefdom and attacked Christian families and military veterans and got away with it, then you will not receive anything. In this case, all America received with Lois Lerner is how evil a federal bureaucrat can be. Too bad her objective was to hurt decent Americans while allowing Iran, Russia, and China to make moves on America but that is another topic.

How long do truck accident cases take to resolve?

Each truck accident case is unique and so the time it takes for the case to wrap up may vary too. It depends on the particulars of the case in question. Generally, cases which are concluded via an out of court settlement take considerably lesser time in order to come to a conclusion.

If you happen to be hurt in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, make sure to reach out to an experienced truck accident lawyer in Maryland at the earliest to evaluate your claim and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.