Truck accident blocks multiple lanes in Iowa City and causes fatalities

Iowa City, IA – If a large semi truck blocks multiple lanes of traffic on a highway, this is a worst case scenario. Many cars traveling at high speed will probably not be able to stop suddenly and in time, and they can potentially be hurt or killed during the impact.

According to KWWL, the Iowa State Patrol released a report on an accident that happened earlier and involved multiple vehicles following a jackknifed semi truck on Interstate 80 westbound [1]. 

Multiple fatalities and cars involved following a semi crash that blocked a highway

The report that summarized the incident said that there were two fatalities and several others injured during the course of the sixteen car pileup accident. The published crash report said that the incident began around 5:30 am at mile marker 246. The roads were covered in ice at this time due to the weather conditions. A driver of a semi truck that was approaching the area lost control, the vehicle flipped onto its side, and it came to a rest blocking all of the traffic lanes on the highway. Following this incident, several other vehicles made contact with the semi trailer and other cars, causing a massive pileup. One car that struck the trailer resulted in the death of a 57 year old male. Another 37 year old male who was a passenger in the semi attempted to exit the vehicle and he was also killed on the road during the collisions. 

There will be a more complete investigation following this initial report by the state police.

Multiple lawsuits against the trucking company

It is possible in situations like this for multiple plaintiffs to try to bring cases against the trucking company for causing the accident. They can potentially allege negligence based on things like the trucker should not have been driving in these weather conditions, if the driver was speeding or made other mistakes, or if the vehicle was not properly maintained and prepared to be on the road at this time. The defendant company should have special insurance for their commercial vehicles that is capable of covering large losses, although it is not clear if all of the expenses related to an accident of this large size would be covered. 

Truck accident lawyers in Iowa City

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