McDonald’s fresh fries were spilled across multiple lanes on the southbound side of 5 Freeway in California after a big-rig truck overturned [Source: CBS Los Angeles]. The accident occurred last Saturday during the late hours of the night. Thankfully, no other vehicles were involved in this collision and no injuries were reported. Although officials have yet to report what caused the truck to overturn, the concern has led us to touch upon the following question mentioned below so we can all have a better understanding as to why these accidents do, in fact, occur.


What Causes Big Rig Trucks to Overturn?


When a semi-truck overturns and is the only vehicle involved in the accident, there are a number of factors that contribute to this transpiring. We share some of these reasons below from a study conducted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that analyzed 239 crashes in which a truck rolled over[Source: US National Library of Medicine].


Some of the causes of these accidents included:


  1. Truck drivers failed to adjust their speed to the curves in the road. “Tractor trailers are particularly vulnerable because of the trailer’s high center of gravity and frequently unstable loads.”
  2. The driver was operating the vehicle without taking into account how heavy the load was that they were transporting.
  3. The condition of the brakes was poor, or close to it.
  4. The road surface contributed to the truck overturning.
  5. Intersection conditions contributed to the truck flipping.
  6. The driver was inattentive, dozing or falling asleep, or distracted.
  7. Over-steering to the point of rolling over.

    Truck drivers must be especially careful when they drive on curvy roads as they are more susceptible to flipping over.

  8. Not steering enough to stay in the lane.
  9. Over-correcting to the point where the vehicle flipped.


In some instances, even though a truck might be the only vehicle involved in an accident, the overall collision may have stemmed from a negligent driver who cut the trucker off or failed to adhere to the rules of the roadway.


Although the drivers of these big rigs go through extensive training to ensure these accidents don’t happen, as you can see, they still manage to make headline news. So, if you are the victim of one of these collisions and would like to learn more about how you can hold the driver or the company in which they work for accountable for your injuries, contact today. The San Bernardino truck crash lawyers we can place you in touch with are highly recommended and qualified to help you and anyone else who may have been affected by the accident recover the compensation you are rightfully due.  If you are a trucker who suffered a serious injury and would like to learn more about obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, our truck crash attorneys in San Bernardino can also assist with this as well.