trucksOrlando, FL- We’ve all seen debris on the highway and maybe swerved to avoid it without thinking twice about the dangers it presents. But road debris can create deadly circumstances, as a recent chain-reaction collision involving three tractor-trailers demonstrates.

The collision occurred on Interstate 95 in Jacksonville around 3 a.m. Monday morning when a tractor-trailer struck a large piece of aluminum, setting off a chain of collisions that left one person dead and two injured. reports the firsts tractor-trailer managed struck the debris in the road, damaging the rigs brakes, but the driver managed to pull over and stop down the road without colliding with another vehicle.

The driver of a second tractor-trailer, however, was not as lucky. The TV station reports that second semi-truck jackknifed when the driver swerved to avoid the aluminum. That’s when the driver of a SUV struck the jackknifed truck and became wedged beneath it.

The SUV driver, a 59-year-old man, was pronounced dead on the scene.

A third tractor-trailer was able to get by the jackknifed truck without incident, but rear-ended a small car moments later, according to First Coast News. The two occupants of the car were injured and taken to a local hospital spoke with a representative from the Florida Highway Patrol who said they had been notified of the road debris and that someone was in transit to get pick it up when the accident occurred. He added that when any motorist sees debris in the road, they need to call FHP immediately so the debris can be cleared.

Collisions involving tractor-trailers are twice as likely to result in a fatality then a car collision. That is why truck drivers are held to a much higher standard than passenger vehicle motorists. This truck accident appears to be caused by a set of unfortunate circumstances, but statistics show us that the majority of traffic accidents, close to 9 out of 10, are caused by driver error.

The victims of Florida truck accidents frequently suffer major injuries that could have a long-term negative impact on their lives. Many victims have to live their injuries for their rest of their lives and may become permanently disabled. This is why truck accident victims have the option to pursue a negligent truck driver or trucking company for the accident-related expenses they incur. If you or a loved one has been in a devastating truck accident, call an attorney in Orlando today and set up a consultation so you can get the ball rolling on your injury claim.

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