A crash between a pickup truck and a train has sent two persons to Rapides Regional Hospital in Alexandria, LA., as reported by leesvilledailyleader.com. The accident occurred on Thursday last week near the northern area of Rosepine in Vernon Parish. Emergency calls came in at noon and officers from the Louisiana State Police Troop E were immediately dispatched to the crash site to investigate.

Trains have the right away   

According to a report by investigators, 20 year old Juan Carlos Alonzo from Leesville was driving a 2007 Honda Ridgeline and was travelling in a westerly direction on Calhoun Dairy Road when he was struck by KCS train travelling south. Supposedly, Alonzo was at fault for the accident as he failed to yield to the train even though it had the right of way.

The Ridgeline was hit towards the trailer-part on the passenger’s side. The collision injured both Alonzo and his passenger, 20 year old Justice Mariah Aguilera-Hollis from Leesville. Both will be calling Alexandria, LA truck accident lawyers very soon.

Both the twenty year olds were immediately rushed to Rapides Regional Hospital in Alexandria, LA. They most likely have wi-fi in hospitals and in this hospital. This is where http://accident.usattorneys.com/louisiana/ comes into the picture. If you need a golden accident lawyer like these two young men, there is not a better site in the country to look for one.

The crash site is said to have clear signs warning motorists to slow down, check both directions and then proceed. As per eye witnesses, the train honked loudly and repeatedly as it approached the crossing and there is no way Alonzo could not have heard it. It is believed that he was being reckless by trying to make it across the train tracks just in the nick of time.

Personal injury lawsuit filed against electrician

A pedicyclist has filed a civil lawsuit against an electrician who allegedly negligently ran over the pedicyclist with his truck, according to louisianarecord.com.

The plaintiff in the case has been listed in court documents as Odis Coats. The lawsuit briefly states that Coats was riding his pedicycle on Veterans Blvd when he was run over by the defendant.

The defendant in the case has been identified as Benhard Blanchard of Benhard Blanchard Electric LLC.

The lawsuit claims that as a result of the negligence of the truck driver, the plaintiff has been afflicted with permanent and severely disabling injuries. Blanchard has been accused of failing to keep a lookout, failing to take reasonable measures to avoid collision and even not being able to control his vehicle in a reasonable manner.

The plaintiff seeks compensation for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages with the help of an Alexandria, LA truck accident lawyer.

Truck accidents in Louisiana

According to Alexandria LA truck accident attorneys, trucking companies do not always follow the law and sometimes their drivers make mistakes.

But with the help of an experienced attorney, you will be able to undoubtedly prove that the truck operator was at fault for the accident and is therefore liable to compensate you for both economic and non-economic damages.

If you, a loved one or anyone you know are the unfortunate victims of fatigued, over worked truck drivers, poorly maintained rigs, over loaded trucks etc. we strongly suggest that you get in touch with a Louisiana truck accident lawyer right away. On top of receiving money for your car and physical well-being, you may be able to receive compensation for missed time at work and so on. There is some awesome information along those lines right here.