Accidents involving trains and large trucks have become an issue as of recently as it appears they are occurring more frequently. Just this past Friday, yet another incident took place that involved both a train and a truck. The Chicago Tribune reported that the 807 train operating on the Metra Southwest Service line hit a truck at a crossing near the Wrightwood station on the southwest side of Chicago. It was early in the morning, around 9:00 a.m. when the truck accident transpired.

The source confirmed that the train had initially left from the Union Station at approximately 8:35 a.m. and had just pulled out of the Wrightwood station at 79th Street and Columbus Avenue before it collided with the truck. As you can imagine, the collision caused the service to be placed on pause and it wasn’t until about after noon when the service was back up and running as it normally had been prior to the wreck. Thankfully, no one suffered any life-threatening injuries as many accidents involving both trains and trucks are fatal.


Object Falls from Semi Truck on I-80 in Chicago Killing Pregnant Woman and Her Unborn Baby


In other news, CBS Chicago reported yet another accident involving a truck. This time, those involved in the crash weren’t as lucky. According to the news source, a brake drum became dislodged from the rear tire of a tractor-trailer truck and hit the windshield of a driver on I-80. The brake drum went through the windshield of Melinda Cullen’s vehicle, killing her and her unborn baby. Illinois State Police reported that the brake drum had jumped I-80’s median near Rowell Avenue and the proceeded to hit Cullen’s car.

Truck drivers are required to inspect their vehicle for any hazards. Unfortunately, if something is overlooked, accidents such as these occur leaving innocent individuals dead.

Cullen,38, along with her unborn baby, did not survive the accident. Cullen leaves behind a husband and three young daughters. She was due to give birth in 10 days after she died. The driver of the semi-tractor trailer has been charged with a Federal Motor Carrier Safety violation for unsafe equipment. Truckers are required to inspect their vehicles for any loose objects or hazardous conditions prior to driving it, and although this truck had been placed in the shop the day before the accident, a further investigation will determine if the truck was deemed as unsafe and the driver still chose to operate it.

These tragic accidents often leave families feeling heart-broken and in pain. Losing someone in a truck accident is difficult and being injured in one is yet another obstacle a person has to overcome. If you have been involved in a truck accident recently in Chicago or one of these collisions has claimed the life of a loved one of yours, don’t hesitate to contact the truck crash attorneys at Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. Chicago truck accident lawyers aren’t afraid to protect your rights as a victim or as a survivor and they would be more than happy to inform you on what these rights are.


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