A scary incident recently ended with a tractor-trailer getting slammed by a train outside Atlanta, according to patch.com. The crash happened at Ga. 42 and Bowden Street. Apparently, the truck stalled directly on the tracks, and the driver’s attempts to restart it were unsuccessful. He did manage to escape the vehicle however before the impact. No word on the fate of the candy the truck was hauling.

According to thedrive.com, it’s not legal for trucks to enter that intersection in the first place, so the police issued a citation to the driver. There are warning signs for trucks posted throughout the route, and the truck even had to go under an overpass that did not have clearance for trucks. A police officer who came to the aid of the driver also narrowly avoided being hit by the train as well, according to witnesses. The train was undamaged and moved on after a couple hours of cleanup.

Truck accidents are no laughing matter. It’s actually quite fortunate that it was candy in the trailer and not something more dangerous, like heavy or flammable material. While this accident involved a train, there are plenty of accidents where the truck is the bigger vehicle. Here are some ways to stay safe when driving around trucks, from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Avoid blind spots – Trucks have huge blind spots, even with the extra mirrors. If the truck driver isn’t visible to you in the side-view mirror, then chances are you aren’t visible to the driver. Always be extra careful when merging next to a truck as well to avoid the blind spot as much as possible.

Pass Carefully – Always make sure you are not in a blind spot when you start passing. Signal, pull out, and accelerate quickly to pass the truck. You don’t want to linger too long next to the truck or in the blind spot. You should never pass a truck in the right lane.

Leave Lots of Space – Never cut it too close when pulling in front of a truck. While trucks may generally move slower than most other vehicles on the road, they take an especially long amount of time to stop, meaning they can rear-end your vehicle and cause a lot of damage.

Expect Wide Turns – Trucks need a lot of space when turning, and will either swing wide, or start turning in the “wrong” lane to be able to fit where they’re trying to go. If a truck signals to turn, then do not try to squeeze past or else you might get trapped.

If you do get in an accident with a truck, make sure to document everything that happened to the best of your knowledge. Keep track of your actions, and what you perceive the truck to have done. If you’re injured, get a detailed report from the doctor regarding your injuries and anticipated recovery and rehabilitation. Usattorneys.com has many skilled attorneys in Atlanta, GA who can fight for your rights and get you the compensation you’re looking for.