Some accidents result in damage to cargo that is very valuable or impossible to replace. 

A truck collision in New Jersey made national headlines when the accident caused a fire and killed several prized horses

Turnpike accident injures two and kills multiple horses

State police received an emergency call about an accident on the New Jersey Turnpike northbound lanes at around 3 am that morning. This section of the highway was near East Windsor Township in Mercer County. Law enforcement believes that the initial cause of the accident was when the truck pulling the trailer filled with horses made contact with a concrete barrier. The fire ignited from the force of the impact. The blaze eventually spread to the trailer and killed all of the animals inside. 

The state trooper who first responded to the scene found a driver and one passenger in the truck. They were both taken to a hospital as a precaution, but neither appeared to have serious or life threatening injuries. 

An exact cause of the truck crash is still being investigated, but police believe that the horses were being taken from New York to Florida for some kind of racing event. A total of ten horses were killed due to the impact and fire. A company based out of Saratoga Springs confirmed that some of the animals that died were owned by their company. They shared pictures on social media of two three year old thoroughbred racing horses that died in the accident. 

What happens when valuable cargo is lost in an accident?

Some accidents result in damage that destroys cargo that is very valuable. From a legal standpoint, animals and pets are generally treated like any other form of personal property. In a situation like this involving prized animals, it may be difficult to put a number on their value, but things like expenses related to their care and upbringing can be used as guidelines. 

The element of damages in a civil lawsuit deals with various kinds of losses, whether they are related to property damage, medical treatment, lost income, or other factors. When an attorney for the plaintiff initially files a civil case, they can list all of these losses in the complaint and ask for this amount of damages from the defendant. Sometimes, the parties will come to a settlement agreement and pay a fair amount based on the plaintiff’s demands. In other situations, the final decision will be made by a jury after a full trial. 

Get help from a local attorney

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