Following too closely and speeding are common factors in rear-end truck accidents.

East Providence, RI- Rear-end crashes are common occurrences on Rhode Island’s roads, but most are minor, and victims often walk away without harm. However, there are cases in which a rear-end impact has devastating consequences. One such example is a Rhode Island crash which left two men dead after their box truck was hit from behind and crushed between two tractor-trailers.

Box Truck Rear-ended by Semi-truck in East Providence

A crash on Interstate 195 in East Providence on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, killed two men from Massachusetts. Rhode Island State Police Col. Ann Assumpico told WWLP 22 News that a tractor-trailer was traveling in front of the box truck when both vehicles began to slow for traffic.

The box truck was trailed by a second tractor-trailer, which failed to stop. It slammed into the box truck, pushing it into the first tractor-trailer. The box truck was crushed, killing both occupants.

The driver of the first tractor-trailer was not injured, but the driver of the second tractor-trailer suffered critical injuries, according to WWLP.

Battalion Fire Chief John Kelahan told WPRI that this crash was the worst he’s seen in his thirty years on the job.

Police have not decided if they will issue the driver of the second tractor-trailer a citation.

Two Components of Rear-end Truck Crashes

The accident above is an example of what can happen if a truck driver rear-ends a car or truck.

While the cause of the above accident is unclear, there are two main components to rear-end tractor-trailer accidents. They are:

Following too closely: A commercial truck needs a minimum of 500 feet to stop if traveling 65 mph, but too many drivers don’t give themselves the room they need to come to a complete stop. Drivers who don’t leave enough room to stop are is your resource for top-notch truck accident lawyers in Rhode Island.

Speeding- Truck drivers are on tight schedules, so they are often compelled to speed to make their deliveries on time. But speed can be dangerous because it takes a fast-moving and heavy truck even longer to stop. Following too closely combined with speeding can set the stage for a deadly collision like the one discussed above.

Get Legal Assistance with your Rhode Island Truck Accident

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