03-20-2012-Truck-Accident-Attorney-News-BlogDallas, TX- A tractor-trailer, hauling a cherry picker, crashed into a bridge in the Central Texas city Salado, collapsing beams onto passing motorists. One man is dead and three people were injured.

The Star Telegram reports that the tractor-trailer slammed into the bridge which was under construction, at 11:00 a.m. Thursday morning. Upon impact, a large section of the bridge collapsed onto other vehicles. Beams from the bridge dropped onto a tractor-trailer and two pickup trucks and also caused another tractor-trailer to jackknife.

Three people involved in the collision were rushed to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A fourth victim, a 32-year-old man was killed.

The tractor-trailer driver who struck the bridge stopped after he passed under the bridge. He was not injured.

The accident backed up traffic in the area for hours as crews worked to clear the massive amount of debris. The roadway was cleared after midnight.

The Texas Department of Transportation officials said the truck was too tall to clear the bridge though they were unclear of its exact height, the Star Telegram reported. The paper also reported that numerous signs were placed before the bridge which clearly stated the bridge’s clearance.

A similar accident occurred last month in New Jersey and left one person dead. According to reports, a tractor-trailer carrying parts for a large crane passed under a bridge, toppling the large metal pieces onto a van carrying two men.

Both men were trapped in the van for two hours as emergency crews worked to free them from the mangled wreckage. One of the men died from his injuries and the other was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Both of these accidents show how a driver’s mistake can cause bodily harm to costly property damage. It is a truck driver’s duty to be aware of the height of their load and whether or not they can pass under a bridge safely. Not taking these factors into consideration is careless and they can be considered liable for failing that duty. That means they are responsible for any injuries or deaths they cause.

Truck drivers are supposed to take approved routes if they are carrying oversized loads. Many states Texas included, require trucks with tall cargo to contact state authorities to get approved routes in order to avoid incident like these. Failing to do so is also negligent.

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