Phoenix, AZ- On the interstate, a mistake such as not paying attention to traffic or following too closely, can lead to a deadly truck accident. Both of those reckless driving behaviors seemed to be at play in a recent Arizona accident that left one man dead.

Arizona Central reports that the accident took place on July 11th along a stretch of Interstate 10 near Quartzite, a town about 120 miles west of Phoenix.

An accident, involving a wrong-way driver, from the night before set the stage for the fatal truck accident that followed nearly 12 hours later. According to reports, the first accident occurred around 7:30 p.m. when a wrong-way driver struck another vehicle head-on, killing the driver inside.

That accident left tied up traffic on the 1 -10 for a number of hours and was still causing backups at 5:30 a.m. when the second fatal accident occurred.

Arizona Central reports that traffic on I-10 had slowed due to the first collision when a tractor-trailer driver failed to slow and plowed into the rear of a double tractor trailer. Two other commercial vehicles were also struck.

The driver of the first tractor-trailer was killed. No other injuries were reported.

Police have not determined why the deceased truck driver failed to stop for traffic. They have not ruled out fatigue as the cause of the accident, according to Arizona Central.

In this case, the driver was the one killed in the collision, but it is often passenger vehicle occupants who are killed or suffer major injuries.

When it comes to any traffic accident, the cause is very important and helps victims identify the party or parties responsible for their medical expenses and emotional distress. For instance say that this accident occurred because the brakes on the first truck failed and the driver was unable to stop, then the entity responsible for maintaining and repairing the truck could be held liable for a collision.

Before truck accident victims can even think about filing an injury claim they need to determine who is financially responsible for their injuries or loss of a loved one. Identifying and proving liability for a major truck crash can be a quite the challenge which is why truck accident victims need expert legal help.

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