Baton Rouge, LA- There are many dangers a motorist faces as they travel along the interstates in and around Louisiana. The biggest danger is other motorists and truck drivers who take risks or act negligently, by speeding or failing to pay attention to the flow of traffic, with little regard for how their actions may impact others.

A truck accident occurring at just 10 miles from the Louisiana border in Mississippi can serve as an example of the tragedy caused when a truck driver fails to pay attention to the change in traffic patterns. In this accident, four people, including two young men from Louisiana, were killed when a tractor-trailer plowed into a line of 11 cars that had stopped for a previous accident.

Police say the devastating chain of events began to unfold on Interstate 10 Saturday December 13th just after 12 a.m. when a pickup truck carrying a trailer overturned, causing traffic to come to a stop, reported. A tractor-trailer then plowed into the stopped vehicles which included four tractor-trailers and six passenger vehicles.

Mississippi State Trooper, Lt. Johnny Poulos told the Associated Press that some of the vehicles were so badly damaged emergency crews couldn’t determine the make or model.

Those killed in the accident have been identified as Randall Mark Wager, 49, and his daughter, 18-year-old Ariana Mary Wager, both from Mississippi; and Brandon Estes, 23 and Ryan Deforest, 21 both of Louisiana.

This accident is still under investigation and so far no one has been charged.

When your are suffering as the result of a major truck accident, it is in your best interest to contact a Louisiana truck accident attorney to secure for you a substantial settlement that covers your medical costs, your loss of wages along with your physical and emotional pain.

Accidents similar to this one play out regularly across the country. Just last month, a similar accident occurred in Texas and left one person dead with four others suffering serious injuries. A total of eight vehicles were damaged in that accident.

Such accidents have a number of causes, most of which point to negligence on the truck driver’s behalf. There are instances in which a mechanical problem such as failing brakes is the primary cause, but most of these accidents can be chocked up to driver negligence and more specifically driver fatigue, inattention or intoxication.

With any truck accident, mechanical failure doesn’t not absolve a trucking company or a driver of their responsibility for the deaths or injuries that result. If a trucking company owns a truck and has failed to ensure their vehicles are in safe operating order, the injury victims or those who have lost a loved one have to right to file a civil suit and seek compensation from the responsible parties.

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