Texas – February 3, 2021

Tractor trailers pose serious highway dangers due to their size alone, but when you add in the concept of a “flying tire” as a deadly projectile, other highway driver’s need to understand what actions they can take to remedy an injury, or property damage that were caused in this type of roadway accident.  A truck accident attorney can guide a victim’s actions toward compensation.

Flying tire.

Commercial trucks and tractor trailers have very large wheels that are considered one of the most dangerous parts of that type of motor vehicle.  Death and injury are caused when the wheels roll off of tractor trailers at high speeds, or tires break apart, or become lose.  Drivers in close proximity, sharing roadways with commercial trucks and tractor trailers are often hit by wheels that roll and bounce down the highway into their car, and/or tire debris may cause drivers to lose control when they take action to avoid high speed contact with the debris on a highway.

It is more common for a truck to lose a tire, or for tread to break apart, than it is for an entire wheel to come off a tractor-trailer.  Sometimes a tire will simply roll off of a wheel, but more often they break apart, spewing large rubber debris about the roadway. Either flying tire parts can smash windshields, or debris on roadways can cause a dangerous condition where drivers swerve and lose control of their vehicles.  Legal professionals will utilize scene re-construction to determine how the accident occurred.

Dangerous conditions.

Conditions that may cause a truck tire to break or come loose include:

  • Under-inflation – When there is not enough air in a tire, the tire can become too hot. This causes the blowout.
  • Tread burn – This means that the tread on a tire is burnt or used up. When this happens, friction with the road can cause a tire to overheat and break apart.
  • Tread separation – Even a tire that appears to be in good condition can blow out due to tread separation. This occurs when the metal and rubber inside a tire become disconnected from each other, causing the tire to break apart and scatter over the roadway.
  • Spare tire – Since trucks go through tires so often, it is possible that a truck will be riding on a spare tire. If a spare tire is too old, it could be rotten, leading the tire to break apart and causing you to suffer an injury.
  • Problems with the wheel or rim can also lead a tire to come loose or blow out.


In a case where an injury, property damages and/or loss of life occurred because of a flying tire, accident victims will need to hire an attorney to investigate and review possible reasons why the accident occurred.  A driver who did not inspect the vehicle before getting on the roadway could be responsible, the carrier, or owner of the truck could be responsible if they did not properly maintain the vehicle, and the tire manufacturer could also bear some responsibility if the tire itself had some defect that had a history of dangerous wear.

Seek legal counsel.

Seek legal counsel from an experienced professional attorney who understands Texas trucking laws and how to build a case for damages. They will adhere to Texas statute of limitations for personal injury actions and initiate legal claims within that two year timeline from the date an injury occurred.  The Cooper Law Firm has the resources to yield a swift and comprehensive settlement that after a truck accident.

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TEX. CIV. PRAC. & REM. CODE § 33.011(1)






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