A tractor-trailer overturned on I-64 eastbound just near Exit 197B in Henrico County, VA after running off the roadway and into a guardrail. The Virginia State Police (VSP) received the call around midnight and they remained on scene of the accident for several hours according to wric.com.  The truck that toppled over was carrying 38,000 pounds of rolled paper. After the truck struck the guardrail and flipped, some the rolls of paper to disperse onto the roadway and there was some oil spillage.

The trucker was transported to a local hospital suffering from serious injuries. The VSP announced that he was charged with reckless driving and failure to maintain proper control.


Truck Carrying 56,000 Pounds of Meat Overturned in Goochland County


In a different county in Virginia, yet another tractor-trailer overturned, this time it was carrying 56,000 pounds of meat. The truck was traveling eastbound on Interstate 64 in Goochland County just before it flipped. VPS were dispatched to the scene of the accident just before 3:00 a.m. Unlike the previous accident, VPS is saying that the preliminary investigation revealed that the tractor overturned on its side which caused the fuel tank to rupture and fuel to spill. The accident also led to a loss of product. Luckily, the driver of this tractor trailer only sustained minor injuries and no charges issued when the incident was reported.


Will I receive worker’s compensation benefits after being involved in a truck accident while on duty?


The answer to this question depends on a number of different things including:


  • Your position with the company you were hired to work for.
  • Your role in the accident. Did you cause it? Did another motorist hit you?


While the Richmond, VA truck accident attorneys at Reid Goodwin are the professionals who can provide you with a detailed answer, there are some basics we can cover that will give you a good idea as to whether you will or will not be eligible for workers’ comp benefits after being involved in a truck collision while on the clock.

While most injured workers are entitled to collect workers’ comp benefits, you will want to refer to your employment contract you signed to determine whether you are covered by your employer’s insurer or not.

The fact is, most workers in Virginia are eligible to receive workers’ comp benefits if they are injured while performing a task or duty for the employer that hired them. However, certain positions such as independent contractors and those who are only working for a short length of time might be limited to certain benefits, if any, because of their position. Something else to consider is your role in the accident. If your own negligent behavior caused the accident to transpire it could have an adverse effect on your ability to collect any benefits. But, because each case is handled on an individual basis, it is best to discuss this with a Richmond truck accident lawyer so that you receive more accurate information and know what exactly your employer is required to provide you with. If you would like to set up a free consultation at Reid Goodwin to further discuss your work accident, call 804-415-7800 today.