An auto accident which occurred on Interstate 275 that runs south of Fowler Avenue has resulted in the death of a tow truck driver, confirm officials representing the Florida Highway Patrol. Truck accident lawyers from Hillsborough County, FL are saddened by this loss.

As reported by, the south travelling lanes of Interstate 275 and Fowler Avenue were cordoned off from public access after the collision, but the debris has now been cleared after initial preliminary investigation was completed and the lanes have now been opened again.

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According to police reports, the deceased victim was 42 year old Danny Ray Hand who hails from New Port Richey. Hand worked as a tow truck driver for towing company Crockett’s Towing and Recovery. He was pulled over and had his caution lights turned on, but was unfortunately outside the tow truck as he was trying to assist a disabled motorist when another motorist lost control of his car and struck the tow driver, killing him.

The other driver has been identified as 30 year old Leandro Corrales Perez who comes from Tampa. Evidence from video footage and the investigation report will help establish liability, if any, and other legal related issues, say truck accident lawyers from Hillsborough County, FL.

Third tow truck driver killed in such accidents in Florida this year

Ginger Darling, a woman tow truck driver who also operates a tow truck in the bay area, spoke to media personnel and expressed her condolences. She said that yet again, they (the tow truck driver community) had lost another one of their brothers thanks to a drunk driver.

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The tow truck drivers who gathered to offer support said that they were usually first responders to assist anyone who was stranded on the roads, and yet they happen to get no consideration from motorists who fail to ensure that they move over or slow down when they see a tow truck broken down on the highway. Tampa, FL truck accident attorneys point out that this is unfortunate but true as they have seen several instances of a similar nature.

The accident in which 42 year old Hand lost his life marks the third fatal accident this year where a tow truck driver has been struck and killed on a bay area roadway. The second auto accident of the year occurred last month wherein 48 year old Troy McGuire was killed while he was on call responding to a crash on Interstate 75 when he was struck and killed by Gregory P. Miller who has been charged with multiple driving under the influence charges.

The first such fatality occurred back in February where 36 year old Ashley Huffman struck and killed Rogelio Perez-Borroto who was responding to a vehicle accident that had occurred on the Howard Frankland Bridge. Huffman had actually left the scene of the auto accident, but she was apprehended hours later by law enforcement officers.

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