Truck accidents seem to continue unabated on California’s roads with Sergio Orozco, a tow truck driver from Smitty’s Towing being one of the latest victims who was killed in a freak accident. According to a report, emergency responders and Santa Maria fire crew were called in to 1200 block of West Betteravia Road after the driver was crushed between winch cable and the side of the tow truck.

He was rushed by air ambulance to Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara where he later succumbed to injuries. A full investigation into the accident is ongoing and it would not be unusual if one of the best Santa Barbara truck accident law firms such as gets involved as well.

Semi-truck driver faces manslaughter charge for Christmas Eve fatal accident

56 year old truck driver, Phillip Ken Trujillo, faces gross manslaughter charges stemming from a crash that killed four people on Christmas Eve last year. The accident occurred just north of a truck stop at Paso Robles, on Wellsona Road on Highway 101, around 110 miles from Santa Barbara, as reported by According to truck accident attorneys, the vicinity around the intersection has been the site of many accidents since northbound traffic heading for the truck stop is required to cross southbound lanes.

According to CHP reports, Trujillo’s semi-truck had mechanical problems but he chose to make an unsafe turn across southbound 101 lanes, which resulted in a Chrysler minivan driven by Crystal Reuck colliding with the semi’s trailer. As a result of the impact the top of the van was sheared off while Reuck and her three passengers were all killed. These victims’ families can all use the service of a wonderful Santa Barbara, CA truck accident lawyer and so can you. This site right here has many of the critical answers you are looking for and access to high class California accident lawyers.

Toxicology reports indicated that Reuck had methamphetamine and ThC in her system while investigating officers revealed that she did not try to stop or avoid the truck despite having enough time to do so. The truck accident attorney representing the company and driver in a civil suit argued that she Reuck drove into the side of the semi-truck owned by Forward Air without slowing or stopping.

However, the CHP argued that the truck driver’s actions were the contributing factor to the crash and termed Trujillo’s actions as grossly negligent and reckless and there was not much his Santa Barbara, CA truck accident attorney could do about this. Investigators found duct tape on a leaking air pipe due to which the driver was not able to operate the vehicle in lower gears.

Victim’s family sues trucking company

Investigations also revealed that the brakes on Reuck’s minivan were also malfunctioning. According to Trujillo’s Santa Barbara, CA truck accident lawyer, any mechanical issues with the truck were fixed prior to the driver operating the semi on Christmas Eve.

The three other passengers in Reuck’s minivan were David Castillo, 42, Karen Szasz, 45, and Taylor Swarthout, 22. The latter’s family has sued the trucking company, the truck driver, and Reuck’s estate. The family’s attorney claimed that Forward Air and the truck driver attempted to erase the truck’s black box.

Hire a California truck accident attorney

Truck accidents most often lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. An 18-wheeler or semi-truck accident can often change lives and cause amazing stress on victims and their families. Investigations into these accidents can be complicated since trucks and trailers may be owned by different entities and driven by employees.

Therefore, it is always prudent to seek the services of an experienced California truck accident attorney to determine if state and federal trucking regulations were followed and to make sure you receive fair and just compensation for your recovery. If you even think you need a fantastic and motivated truck accident lawyer, this is where you need to be, right here.