Riding a motorcycle carries significant risk. Not only are riders less protected than those traveling in passenger vehicles, but they are harder to see and are less stable, making them more susceptible to being hit by other vehicles.1 Accidents involving motorcyclists are often more deadly than those who are protected by their vehicles, which generally absorbs some of the impact from the crash. Because motorcyclists are more likely to suffer serious or life-threatening injuries when involved in an accident, it is important for them to retain a Fort Walton Beach, FL motorcycle accident lawyer who can help them recover any compensation they may be due.


When Another Party is Responsible for Causing a Motorcycle Accident


If a motorist causes a motorcyclist to engage in a collision, they can be held financially responsible for causing the rider harm. If a motorcyclist wants to hold another driver accountable for the injuries and losses they suffered, they will need to prove the driver was negligent. Some examples of driver negligence might include:

  • A driver turns left in front of a motorcyclist who has a green light.
  • A driver rear-ends a motorcycle rider because he/she was distracted or engaging in other reckless behavior.
  • A driver makes an unsafe lane change.
  • A driver cuts in front of a motorcyclist.


One of the benefits of hiring a Fort Walton Beach, FL motorcycle accident attorney after a crash is they can help prove the driver was negligent. This is often required when the other driver’s insurance carrier doesn’t want to cover the claim or is looking to hold the motorcyclist partially liable for the accident. Proving negligence is also very important if a motorcyclist decides they want to sue the driver for damages. Although insurance will provide an accident victim with some compensation to go toward medical expenses, lost wages, etc., a policy may be exhausted resulting in a motorcyclist being unable to recover what they are actually due.


Other Ways a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Fort Walton Beach, FL Can Help a Rider After a Collision


Motorcycle accident attorneys will not only assist an accident victim with the insurance claims process and intervene when an issue arises, but they will be sure the victim’s rights are always being upheld. If an individual was recently involved in a motorcycle accident and they are looking to learn more about how they can recover compensation for the various losses they suffered, they can contact Browning Law Firm at 850-344-1736.


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