Truck drivers often find themselves out on the open road, no matter what weather condition is present. Rain, snow, or sunshine, you can bet that a commercial trucker is out heading to another city or state as they have deadlines set to get to their required destinations. But, with the hazardous winter conditions that have been present lately, it is important that truck drivers can handle this difficult weather they may be driving in and are prepared for the unexpected. Emergency kits are essential for every truck driver to have and below is a list of items that should be inside of it provided by Property Casualty 360.

If you a truck driver heading out into hazardous winter weather, be sure you have your emergency safety kit inside your vehicle.

What Should a Truck Driver Have in His/Her Emergency Kit?

While a truck driver may set out when the weather is calm and beautiful, they could very well run into hazardous conditions such as snow, hail, or rain. This is the time when most truck accidents are prone to occur as these conditions make it much harder to drive in. This is why it is crucial for every truck driver to have present in their possession their emergency safety kit fully equipped with the following:

  1. Windshield ice scraper, snow brush, and shovel
  2. Flashlight with extra batteries- If you are a truck driver who is required to travel at night, you need to have on hand a flashlight in case your truck stalls, or you are involved in an accident and there is no one around to help.
  3. Cell phone or two-way radio- Having your cellphone handy and fully charged at all times can help you in the event you are involved in an auto accident and need to contact local police. You can carry a car charger with you at all times and even a two-way radio if you want to be on the safe side.
  4. Emergency flares- If your truck is stuck in snow or it has stalled, you want to be able to let others know you are in trouble. If it is snowing or nighttime, it can make it that much harder to see you so you want to have something that can draw attention you need.
  5. Blanket and a change of clothes
  6. Road maps- If your cell phone dies you need another tool to get you home safe and sound.
  7. Snacks and water

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