Clark County, NV- Commercial trucking accidents in the U.S. have a variety of causes including poor road conditions, inclement weather or mechanical issues. But most semi wrecks are the result of mistakes made behind the wheel, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Sometimes those mistakes have devastating outcomes like a November crash in Clark County, Nevada that killed a three-year-old child.

Three-Old Dies After Tractor-Trailer Crash in Clark County

A crash between a van and tractor-trailer on Interstate 15 in Clark County on November 19, 2017, severely injured four people and fatally injured a three-year-old child.

NBC News 3 reports that a mother and her four children were in the van traveling northbound in the inside lane of the I-15 when a tractor-trailer made an illegal turn in the path of their vehicle. According to the Nevada Highway Patrol, the driver of a tractor-trailer, which was in the outside lane, slowed to make a U-turn into a center median marked with signs that said, “No U-Turn” and “Authorized Use Only.”

The act of turning put the big rig in the van’s path causing to collide with the side of the 18-wheeler. The van went part of the way under the truck and was pinned. Emergency crews had to use the Jaws of Life to extricate some of the van occupants.

Poor road conditions, bad weather, and mechanical failure are factors in some tractor-trailer accidents, but driver error is the primary cause of most truck crashes.

All five occupants suffered severe injuries. A three-year-old in the van was flown to a local children’s hospital in critical condition but later succumbed to her injuries.

St. George News reports that the three-year-old was in a child seat and was properly restrained.

Authorities said that neither alcohol nor speed contributed to the crash. Charges against the driver are pending, the St. George News reports.

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