Tips on getting maximum damages for a Douglas County accident

Douglasville, GA – Statistics show that more than 1,700 drivers in Georgia are involved in an accident every single day. Although only eighth in population, Georgia ranks fourth for the highest number of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, in 2002 there were 331,796 crashes, in which 1,730 people were killed. As many as 125,000 people were recorded as injured. This means a lot of pain and a lot of damages these people need to recover. This also means a lot of money insurance companies in Georgia need to pay every year and they’re not happy about it.

With so many people banging on their doors, insurance companies will do anything, including illegal stuff, to minimize the value of the claims they get every single day. This is the main reason why you must find yourself the best Douglas County accident lawyers before filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Here are some tips that might help you with your claim.

Don’t talk to the insurance company about the accident

Your insurance policy probably states that you must notify the company of the accident as soon as possible. Do that, by all means, but never go into details. Georgia follows the modified comparative negligence doctrine according to which you can recover damages even if you were partly to blame for the crash. However, there are limits to it.

If you are found to be 51% to blame for the accident you lose your right to seek damages. Who assigns blame? It’s the insurance adjuster that does that, which is why you should not go into details when talking to your insurer or the company representing the other driver.

Document your injuries and save all the medical bills

If at all possible, take pictures of any visible injuries you might have right there at the crash scene.

Also, make sure to take pictures of the cars and the damage done to them. Your Georgia accident lawyers may need those when they negotiate blame with the insurance adjuster.

Go to the ER or see your personal physician soon after the crash. Your lawyers will need to show that you were injured in the crash. That’s because the insurance people may try to argue you had a pre-existing condition or you got injured doing something else.

Keep a pain journal and see a mental health expert

If you have sustained severe injuries, you are entitled to seek considerable pain and suffering damages. To do that your Douglas County accident lawyers must be able to paint the full picture of your suffering, both mental and physical. If a decent settlement cannot be reached, you may have to sue the other driver and his insurer. Your testimony will weigh heavily, but a diary detailing your daily struggles, the amount of pain you’re in every day, and the distress your physical limitations cause you can also be very effective. 

Your lawyers may call on family and close friends to talk about the condition you’re in and how much you’ve changed since the accident. Last, but not least, a mental health expert can talk about your problems, such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or even PTSD.

Keep in mind that in Georgia there is no cap on pain and suffering damages

Technically, pain and suffering damages are calculated using the multiplier method. The value of your economic damages (medical expenses and lost wages) is multiplied by a factor between 1.5 and 5. However, jurors have a lot of leeway when it comes to granting damages. The law says that damages are to be determined by the “enlightened conscience of fair and impartial jurors.” It’s those jurors your lawyers need to impress with your plight. 

If you were injured in any type of accident caused by someone else’s negligence, reach out to the seasoned lawyers at the Foster Firm, with offices in College Park and Douglasville. 

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