Truck accidents bring damage, destruction, and death. If you or a loved one was recently involved in an accident with a semi-truck, speak with a licensed White Plains truck crash attorney today.

Understanding how to properly drive near a tractor or semi truck can decrease your chances of engaging in a collision with one.

When you are in the initial stages of learning how to drive, many aspects are covered including how to prepare your vehicle before you depart, the proper way to change lanes, the rules you are expected to abide by, etc. However, while there is an abundant amount of information that drivers are expected to know, one thing that isn’t touched upon too often is how to drive the right way when sharing the road with a truck.

Although it is stressed time and time again that you must be careful and cautious while out driving, what specifically can you do to prevent engaging in an accident with one of these semi or tractor trailer trucks? If you aren’t sure and wish to learn, below are some tips taken directly from a truck driver himself that were shared on Not only is it important for you to understand how you can avoid an accident, but also have tips to provide to your teen who may be on the verge on driving or are already taking action behind the wheel.

  1. Don’t assume the trucker sees you. This is rather important to understand as many are under the impression that everyone has the same abilities to see one another while driving. One of the main reasons why truckers have a harder time seeing those traveling around them is because their vehicle has many more blind spots than the average automobile. Therefore, if you need to pass a truck, be sure to try and pass on the left to avoid getting caught in their blind spot and risk them not seeing you.
  1. Truck drivers need a large amount of room to operate their vehicle properly, especially when making wide turns. If they aren’t given an ample amount of space, they risk getting into an accident or colliding with another vehicle.
  1. Try and stay patient with truckers. When you happen to be traveling behind two big rigs who seem to be staying beside each other and not keeping up with the increased speed limit, remember this: Truckers have speed limiters which means they can only go so fast. Rather than getting upset and engaging in unnecessary behavior such attempting to speed around or ride too closely, wait until the road is open and there is a clear place to pass.

Truck accidents are known to cause serious, life-threatening injuries. Take the tips provided into consideration the next time you are driving near a truck to avoid these types of collisions. If you are a victim to a truck accident, whether you are the driver of the truck or another motorist involved, it is important you get the legal help you need to get your accident claim filed. can assist you in finding the best truck accident lawyers available in White Plains, NY.