Glenview, IL- Three people are dead after they were struck by a garbage truck in Glenville, Illinois early Tuesday afternoon.

Police say that the garbage truck was traveling north on Harlem Ave. when it struck a vehicle traveling east on Harrison Street.  Both vehicles burst into flames.

One witness, Kate Meszaros, who was returning home as the accident began to unfold, told the Chicago Tribune, “I saw this car flipping over, and a ‘boom.’”

Meszaros said that witness couldn’t do much to help the victims in the car because it was pinned beneath the front end of the truck.

Another witness tried to put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher, but she was overcome by the flames and had to be taken to a local hospital.

The crash was so devastating that initially police were not sure how many victims were in the vehicle. They have since said there were three people in the vehicle, but their bodies were so badly damaged the identities will not be known until autopsies are conducted.

The driver if the garbage truck was not in injured and has an exemplary driving record. He has been employed with the Skokie Village for 19 years.

The driver has not been charged with any traffic violations.

Police are unclear about the exact cause of the accident, but a statement from the truck driver’s employer, Skokie Village Hall, indicated that the driver of the passenger vehicle may be at fault.

On Wednesday, Skokie Village Hall released a statement offering their condolences to the families of those who died and added, “The Village refuse truck had complete right of way and entered the intersection, at which time a passenger vehicle violated the two-way stop sign control and entered the intersection.”

Although, the identities of the victims have not been release, Glenview Announcements reported that victims own along with other family own San Soo Gab San, a Korean restaurant in Chicago.

Too often in truck accidents, one or more of the involved vehicles go up in flames and the victims are unable to escape from the wreckage. Even when Good Samaritans try to offer aide, too many victims die from the initial impact, fire, or from the injuries they incur.

There are many causes of deadly or injurious truck accidents. In this case, failure to stop had dire consequences for the individuals in the passenger vehicle and the truck driver does not appear to be at fault.

However, a large fraction of truck accidents are caused by negligence in the part of the truck driver. Distraction, exhaustion or intoxication are a few of the primary causes of truck accidents.

Accidents involving large truck are typically more injurious and deadly than passenger vehicle accidents. The injuries can more severe, more debilitating, and more costly than car accidents. Some traffic accident victims are disabled after their injuries. These victims will face thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical costs and other accident-related costs. They should not have to shoulder the financial burden alone and truck accident attorney will make certain they don’t have to.