Three dangers associated with hazardous materials after a truck crash in Denver

Denver, CO – Certain trucking companies are able to transport hazardous materials if they follow the relevant regulations and get special permission from the government. However, this type of activity is highly regulated due to the serious dangers presented by having the materials present in trucks for an extended period of time. Things such as chemicals, fuel, biological waste, radioactive materials, explosives and other dangerous substances can cause various problems if there is an accident. There are attorneys who focus on these kinds of cases, and they can assist truck collision victims with the process to file a lawsuit and receive compensation. 

Fire hazards

Fire is always a concern after motor vehicle accidents, but hazardous materials can greatly increase this danger. Certain fuels, chemicals, and other hazardous materials are extremely flammable. This means that the commercial vehicle which was transporting these materials, along with nearby cars, property, and pedestrians can all potentially catch on fire. If it appears that a fire has started after an accident, the individuals involved should try to move to a safe area and then call 911 for help immediately.  

Evacuations of residential areas

There have been trucking accidents where residents near hazardous materials need to be evacuated to prevent exposure and associated harms. This can happen from smoke, chemicals, radiation, or other dangerous substances that were released into the environment. Because truckers that carry hazardous materials are supposed to be extra careful while driving, it is possible that the driver or their employer will be responsible for any of these additional injuries that happen if residents are harmed by their mistakes. Denver accident lawyers have experience with finding out who is liable for these kinds of injuries and taking appropriate legal action. 

Poor road conditions

If a substance such as oil or grease spills onto the road surface, it can be dangerous to drive through this area for quite some time due to the threat of additional accidents from people losing control of their vehicles. A cleanup crew will generally try to secure the area and fix any hazards created after the crash, although this can be a process that is costly and time consuming. 

Lawsuits following the truck collision

Denver truck accident lawyers can file a lawsuit against any trucking company or driver that was responsible for a collision and the associated damage. The costs of this damage can be exceptionally high if hazardous materials were involved and the area needed to be cleared to prevent further injuries. The trucking company will generally have insurance to cover these losses, and the insurance provider should offer a settlement to victims after the case is filed. 

Who to contact for info about truck collisions in Denver

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