This is what can happen when someone is too severely hurt to file their own truck accident case in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK – People who are injured by a large semi truck or other commercial vehicle can be hurt seriously enough that they are incapacitated or killed. Even if the victim cannot file their own case or convey information to police or their lawyers, they can still be represented in a civil lawsuit for compensation. The process of proving negligence by the commercial driver and negotiating the settlement will remain much the same, although there can be some differences, especially if the injuries turn out to be fatal. There are Oklahoma City accident lawyers who can provide additional help with this process. 

The investigation

It is possible that an accident involving a commercial vehicle can still be investigated without the assistance of the victim. Local law enforcement will generally conduct their own investigation and report their findings, including what may have been the ultimate cause of the crash. In very serious accidents, it is possible that the National Transportation Safety Board may be involved and conduct an even more thorough inquiry. After a lawsuit is filed, the attorneys for both sides will still also be required to exchange information through the discovery process and take depositions of other witnesses when necessary. While information from the victim can be crucial, it is not always required to obtain all of the crucial details of the crash. 

Wrongful death lawsuits

There are some cases where a person’s injuries turn out to be fatal and they will not survive to bring their own case. Oklahoma and other states have a wrongful death statute that applies in these situations. The representative appointed to manage the deceased person’s estate has up to two years to bring a case on the deceased person’s behalf, and they can ask for various types of compensation. These damages can include final medical costs, pain and suffering endured by the individual and their family, lost wages and projected future lost income, and costs for the victim’s burial. Oklahoma City truck accident lawyers who handle injury cases will often have significant experience with litigating cases that involve fatal injuries. 

Compensation for permanent or long term injuries

When the victim is too injured to function as normal, their attorney can emphasize this point during the course of the lawsuit. Things like lost wages due to an inability to work in their prior career field or pain and suffering from quality of life losses can become very large aspects of damages in a settlement agreement or at trial. 

Attorneys are available after a truck crash in Oklahoma City

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