These parts of a truck are most likely to fail and cause an accident in Lake City

Lake City, FL – Truck drivers always need to be mindful of the condition of their vehicles and possible safety issues. There are various regulations that are meant to assist drivers with safety and ensure that they are not driving in an unsafe manner. However, even taking all necessary precautions it is still possible that a vehicle can have sudden issues that result in accidents and large amounts of property damage. When this happens, the driver and their employer may be responsible for paying out large amounts of compensation to anyone who was hurt through a civil lawsuit. There are certain attorneys who focus their efforts on these incidents, and they routinely file cases against negligent drivers and trucking companies

Lights around the vehicle

Things like brake lights, turn signal lights, and headlights may suddenly go out while a trucker is driving. Depending on the specific light that fails and the time when it happens, this can result in accidents. Vehicles around the truck need to be able to tell when it is going to slow down, change lanes, turn, or approach their area. If a light is not illuminated, especially at night or in severe weather, this can result in a truck collision


A set of brakes on a large semi truck or similar vehicle is exposed to a lot of wear because truckers travel so many miles on any given day. Brakes have to deal with not only the force of the vehicle, but also the weight of the load from the trailer or tanker putting additional pressure on the brakes. If the brakes have problems and the trucker cannot stop in time, it is possible that the driver will collide with another vehicle nearby or lose control. 


The tires on a truck are crucial to keep the vehicle balanced and in contact with the road surface. However, semi trucks have more tires than standard vehicles and they are more likely to have punctures or get worn down due to the number of hours that truckers spend on the roads. If even one tire goes flat, the driver’s ability to control the vehicle is diminished and there can be an accident with the other drivers or objects on the side of the road such as dividers and barriers. 

Truck accident lawyers in Florida

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