These are the things that can happen to a truck driver who causes a fatal accident in Washington DC

Washington, DC – Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of death throughout the United States. The chances of a person sustaining fatal injuries during the course of an accident increase greatly when a large commercial vehicle such as a semi truck is involved. The driver responsible for the collision may face a number of different consequences, such as civil lawsuits, criminal charges, or even termination of their position depending on exactly what happened. 

Attorneys who dedicate their time to working with truck accident victims can provide additional advice about these matters and the process to receive compensation after a fatal collision through a wrongful death case. 

Arrest and criminal charges

Fatal accidents will be investigated thoroughly by local law enforcement, and it is possible that the NTSB may be involved in serious collisions that involve fatalities. Certain types of evidence and behaviors are relevant to the government bringing charges against truck drivers who engage in unsafe behaviors that are illegal. There are various criminal charges that can be associated with these kinds of incidents, including vehicular manslaughter or homicide, reckless driving, or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  

Employment consequences

If the driver is employed by a trucking company, they can choose to take various actions based on their specific company policies. This can include suspension or termination from their position, and it can be difficult for the driver to obtain employment anywhere if they have a history of accidents and fatalities caused by their negligence. When a commercial driver loses their CDL due to their actions, this can also prevent the driver from working until the license is reinstated. 

Civil lawsuits for compensation

Washington DC accident lawyers can bring a lawsuit for a wrongful death against the driver and their employer after a deadly collision. The case merely needs to show that the driver made some kind of mistake or violated rules relevant to the commercial trucking business in order for the victim’s family to be compensated. Wrongful death cases are similar to other lawsuits brought by Washington DC truck accident lawyers, although the compensation is paid out to certain family members depending on who survived the deceased person. These cases also allow for compensation to be based on things like the victim’s future earning potential and the costs associated with their funeral and burial. It is possible that the trucking company will have to give the family a large amount of compensation through a settlement after the crash. 

Truck accident lawyers are available in the District of Columbia

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