These are some of the visibility issues that can lead to truck accidents in Baltimore

Baltimore, MD – A common problem that truck drivers face is not being able to see in certain spots around their vehicle as they are driving. There are mirrors and other technologies such as cameras to assist with visibility, however these are not always sufficient to prevent an accident and not all semi trucks are equipped with safety technologies such as rear view cameras. If a commercial driver who cannot see causes an accident, their employer will probably be sued to pay for all of the damage that they created. There are Baltimore truck accident lawyers who dedicate their time to helping victims of commercial vehicle crashes. 

Poor weather conditions

When the roads become wet, icy, or have other issues due to the weather this presents a serious danger for truck drivers. They can have difficulty seeing cars and obstacles in front of them, and the wet roads will make it more difficult to use their brakes in time when necessary. Driving when it is excessively dark, foggy, or cloudy can also be confusing for drivers, as it is hard to see smaller vehicles without sufficient lighting. Even very sunny days can be a problem if there is glare that temporarily blinds a driver.   

Large blind spots

Truckers can have serious problems with seeing around the sides of the trailer and other spots behind the vehicle. If another car is in one of these spots, especially during a turn or a lane change, this greatly increases the chance that there will be a collision if the driver cannot see. Recently, technologies such as side view cameras and collision warnings during lane changes have become more common to help with blind spots, although they are not required by law or used on many trucks. When a collision happens, Baltimore accident lawyers may be able to highlight this lack of safety as evidence of negligence. 

Driving at night

Data related to truck crashes has shown the combination of darkness while driving at night, along with the fact that drivers are more likely to be fatigued during the evening hours is a deadly combination. Headlights from oncoming vehicles are also a source of concern during night driving, as this is cited as a cause of some accidents where truckers are temporarily blinded by the headlights of other vehicles. 

The driver’s personal vision

Most people try to get regular eye exams to check their vision and see if they need glasses or a changed prescription. If a truck driver has poor visibility due to not having their eyes checked for a long period of time, this can also make it more likely that they will be involved in an accident. 

Truck crash lawyers are available in Baltimore

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