St. Louis, MO – There are a number of different steps for a truck accident case to be filed and concluded, and the victim can contact their insurance provider and gather evidence before a lawsuit formally starts. The first parts of the process can start to happen immediately at the accident scene. The process of a lawsuit can be used to help the victim secure financial help through a settlement or a verdict for damages from a jury. Anyone who was affected by an accident with a truck driver should explore their options with the help of an attorney from a local firm. 

Getting help at the scene

The victim should make contact with the local police and any other drivers involved. Collecting information can start immediately after the crash, or if there are serious injuries that make these steps impossible, the traffic investigators with local law enforcement will normally complete certain procedures and make a formal report with all of the information available to anyone involved. Certain pieces of information collected during this time may be very useful at trial or during settlement negotiations, especially if it conclusively proves fault or negligence. 

Contacting the insurance provider

Insurance claims are important after a truck collision as well. Any victims can use their insurance coverage to see if their provider will pay for property damage and other losses. For accidents that result in only a few thousand dollars worth of repairs or medical treatment, an insurance claim may be sufficient to resolve the situation. However, civil lawsuits are usually necessary for the most severe accidents. 

Attaching the trucking business to the lawsuit

When dealing with a truck that is used for commercial purposes, the business that owns the vehicle is considered responsible just as the individual driver is. The parent company is attached as a defendant with the driver when the case is filed. There are civil law doctrines that say an employer is liable for the actions of employees while they are working and performing standard job duties. 

Calculating damages

There will be expenses for medical treatment, the victim’s lost wages, and continued pain and suffering that can affect the victim’s quality of life. When the plaintiff’s attorney argues for damages, they are essentially asking the trucking company to pay an amount that is equivalent or comparable to the sum of all of these losses. 

Anyone who needs more specific information about the potential value of their lawsuit and how damages work can contact a truck accident attorney in Missouri

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