There are a few ways truck accident lawsuits in Tucson are different from car accident cases


Tucson, AZ – While any driver can potentially be named in a negligence case if they cause an accident, lawyers who represent clients in commercial vehicle lawsuits will have some special concerns. These are mostly related to deciding on liability, the potential for much more severe damage, and identifying any regulations related to the trucking industry that will be relevant in the lawsuit. Attorneys who focus on injury cases against trucking companies can provide more information.

Deciding on liability

In a standard car crash case, the driver of the car that is responsible for causing the crash will have to pay for the damage through their own money or their insurance. In a truck accident lawsuit, the fact that a commercial vehicle was involved complicates this process. In many cases, the driver’s employer will be liable as long as the trucker was actually working and transporting goods at the time of the collision. Drivers are liable in situations where the trucker was working as an independent contractor, as they are required to carry their own insurance. There may also be cases where a vehicle manufacturer is liable due to a sudden failure of the truck or defective design.  

The amount of damage involved

Trucking companies are required by law to carry liability insurance that is capable of covering large amounts. This is because the combination of property damage, injuries, lost cargo, and potential for hazardous materials to be involved means that truck accidents often have huge costs associated. However, if an accident victim is seriously injured and requires large amounts of compensation, they can make the truck responsible pay this amount even if it is in the hundreds of thousands or million dollar range. The company can also face lawsuits from Tucson truck accident lawyers representing multiple victims in the same accident if several cars were involved. In the most serious truck accident cases, the NTSB will be involved with the investigation due to future safety concerns. 

Researching relevant trucking regulations

In cases handled by Tucson accident lawyers, violations of traffic laws or other serious mistakes while driving usually indicate liability. However, trucking is more complex, as drivers are required to take breaks at certain times, obey weight limits, have proper credentials and government permissions based on their specific vehicle. Failure to observe any of these regulations can potentially be relevant in a negligence lawsuit. Even other issues such as whether the trucking company hired a driver who was known to have prior safety problems or driving under the influence convictions can potentially be relevant.  

Assistance after a truck accident in Tucson

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