It actually depends on the amount the company is offering you along with the damages you suffered. To be clear, damages refer to the amount of compensation you would receive for the loss or injury you experienced.


So, you’ve just received a settlement offer from the trucking company’s insurance company or even your own insurer for the property damage/injuries you sustained and you are now wondering whether you should accept the lump sum payment or decline the offer. Like most people, your first instinct might be to accept it, however, it might not be in your best interest to do so. The reason being is that most insurance companies tend to make empty promises that they often can’t keep. For instance, they might assure you that you are receiving the maximum amount of money you are entitled to when in reality, your injuries and property damage are actually worth much more.

Unfortunately, many truck accident victims in Missouri aren’t exactly sure how much they should be receiving unless they have calculated what their vehicle repairs amount to or how much it will cost to replace their entire vehicle. But what about the medical bills that have accrued? What about the income you weren’t able to earn because of the time you had to spend recovering from your injuries? How does all of this get factored into that amount and how much should you receive for that?


The truth is, unless you have a qualified Kansas City, MO trucking accident lawyer handling your case, you will struggle to determine what your true damages are worth as the amount the insurer is offering is likely a low-ball offer.


Don’t insurance companies have limits as to how much they can pay you?


Yes, they do. Just as your auto insurer will only pay out a certain amount to settle your truck accident claim, so will the trucking company’s insurer. While your insurance limits depend on how much coverage you purchased, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires trucking companies to carry certain amounts of liability insurance, some policies starting at $750,000.  However, as we mentioned above, the insurer who is responsible for paying your claim isn’t going to offer you the best settlement amount possible initially as they are looking to provide you with the least amount that they can.

And because there are so many uninformed victims who are in need of compensation right away, they are willing to accept the first settlement offer that is provided to them and give up their right to pursue the company for more later on when they realize they weren’t fairly compensated.


What can I do to ensure I receive the maximum amount of compensation for the injuries I sustained in a truck accident?


truck accident lawyers in Kanasa City, MO

If you want to be sure that the insurer is providing you with a fair settlement amount, you need to consult with a truck crash lawyer in Kansas City, MO first.

If you don’t want to risk being under-compensated for the injuries you suffered or the property damage your vehicle sustained, you need to contact a trustworthy accident attorney in Kansas City, MO who specializes in truck crash cases who will take the time to review all the details pertaining to your accident and determine how much all of your damages are worth. The truck crash lawyers can connect you with are not only capable and qualified to do this, but they will be sure to put your best interest first to get you all that you are entitled to receive.