Distracted Truck DriverHouston, TX- A crackdown on unsafe trucking companies has led to closure of FTW transport, a Texas-based company, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has labeled an imminent hazard, noting they have “unacceptable safety compliance.”

Earlier this month, the FMCSA labeled FTW Transportation ordered the Forest Hills-based company to cease operations. The FMCSA accused the company of failing to require their driver comply with federal safety regulations and consequently put lives in danger, according to Trucking Info.

An investigation found that over a period of 12 months, FTW transportation was involved five preventable truck accidents. Two of those accidents resulted in careless driving citations for the driver and four of those accidents resulted in serious injuries and fatalities.

In one instance, a FTW driver who caused a double-fatality accident and was cited for careless driving and falsifying log books for several days prior to the accident, according to the agency complaint.

The FMCSA also stated that FTW Transport drivers have been cited for speeding, failing to obey traffic signals and texting and driving.

The order to cease operations list a number of troubling safety violations which include:

  • Failing to require truck drivers comply with hours-of-service regulations.
  • Encouraging drivers to falsify log books.
  • Failing to monitor drivers for drug and alcohol use.
  • Failing to ensure their trucks are regularly inspected and maintained.

According to the agency, “FTW Transport’s lack of safety management controls over its drivers, and ongoing serious safety violations demonstrate a continuing and flagrant general disregard for compliance” with safety regulations and “an indifference to motor carrier safety.”

Fatigue, speed, and mechanical failure account for a large proportion of truck accidents in Texas, and it appears as though FTW Transport permitted all of these potentially deadly behaviors. That is unacceptable and Texans are safer now that this company has been taken off the road.

Federal and state safety regulations may seem like and inconvenience to a trucking company, but such rules are put in place to ensure the safety of their drivers and passenger vehicle motorists. These aren’t arbitrary rules meant to burden a company, these regulations help save lives and prevent serious truck accidents. People should be more important than profits and convenience. The truck accident attorneys at USAttorneys commend the efforts of federal agencies to keep unsafe and dangerous operators off the road.

Sadly, too many trucking companies across the country operate in the same manner as FTW Transport and their drivers and motoring public suffer as a result. Unless there are repercussions, these companies will continue to violate safety regulations and skip repairs for the sake of their bottom line. If you have been injured in an accident as the result of an unscrupulous operator, a Houston truck accident attorney can help you secure a fair settlement after your serious truck crash.