Houston, TX-Commercial trucks can be hazardous for a number of reasons, but one often forgotten danger is the cargo truck drivers are hauling. An improperly loaded or overweight truck can easily be the cause of a serious or deadly truck crash. An accident involving a Texas man serves as an example of the perils of an improperly loaded truck can present for truck drivers and motorist alike.

The accident occurred Sunday around 4 p.m. on the Northern State Parkway in New York when Javier Tapias of Texas approached a bridge. Tapias stopped suddenly to avoid striking a bridge, causing the steel beams he was carrying to go through the cab of his flatbed truck and killing him, according to the Long Island Press.

The beams this truck was hauling should have been better secured to prevent such a tragic accident. It is not clear if Tapias was responsible for securing his own cargo or whether another party is to blame.

The Long Island Press reported that Tapias was headed to Oyster Bay and was driving a truck owned by Illinois-based AAA Freight Incorporated.

Whether the victim of an accident is a passenger vehicle motorist or truck driver, one of our educated and professional truck accident attorneys in Houston can help these victims get the compensation they need for their injuries or untimely death.

Accidents caused by an overweight or improperly loaded truck can be extremely destructive to person and property. When adverse road conditions are present, an improperly loaded or overweight truck can be difficult to control. An improperly loaded or overweight truck can cause mechanical problems or exacerbate existing ones. For instance, an overweight truck can increase the likelihood or tire or brake failure. An improperly loaded truck can become imbalanced, causing a truck to overturn or jack-knife.

More than one party may be responsible when an accident results from an overloaded or improperly loaded truck. A truck driver is responsible for assuring their trucks don’t exceed the weight limits. But they are often on tight schedules and face pressure to make their deliveries in a timely fashion so they may be tempted to let it slide and get back on the road.

When a trucking company allow truck on the road that is overweight or not loaded with an even distribution of weight, that company could be liable when an accident happens. Some trucking companies willingly ignore weight restrictions or hastily load their trucks for purely economic reasons, knowingly ignoring the safety of their drivers and other motorists. Unless these companies are held accountable they will continue their unsafe practices and put many others in jeopardy.

In the wake of a devastating truck accident, victims need someone to on their side who understands how to conduct a thorough investigation and pinpoint which parties are responsible. Our team of Texas truck accident attorneys like Ross Downs Law are well-versed in the state’s personal injury laws and are ready to relentlessly pursue all liable parties so you get an optimal settlement.