Hidalgo County, TX- Police say that a tractor-trailer that caused a fatal accident last week was too wide for the roadway. Such accident underscores the need for truck drivers to be aware of the danger they place to other motorists.

KXAN reports the accident occurred on February 12th in Bastrop County around five p.m. on Farm to Market 535. According to the TV-station, a tractor-trailer carrying a mobile home was traveling in the eastbound lanes when an oncoming SUV struck it.

The collision killed a 50-year-old woman driving and her son and injured three other people.

Police say that the mobile home being transported was partially in the westbound lanes when the accident occurred. KXAN reports that the permit issued to truck driver stated the cargo was 16-feet wide, but the roadway was only 12-feet wide. What’s more, the truck did not have a pilot vehicle and deviated from the route specified on the issued permit.

KVUE reports that the driver of the tractor-trailer could be charged with negligent homicide once the police conclude their investigation.

When carrying an oversized load, truck drivers are required to take approved routes, or they run the risk of causing an accident like this one. Refusing to take an approved route is negligent, and victims of these accidents have the right to pursue an at-fault truck driver or trucking company for compensation.

This accident serves as an example of how damaging a truck accident can be and how a person’s life can be cut short or dramatically changed by a major truck accident. Truck drivers have a duty to ensure their cargo is not going to endanger the lives of others because it’s too large for a roadway, or their load is not secured properly. Failing to take those factors into consideration means a truck driver can be held accountable for any damage or injuries that result from their negligence.

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