E. 9th Street, Highway 549 has been identified as the accident site of a roll over crash that occurred in the afternoon. Pictures published of the accident portray a much graver scenario than what happened in reality, as reported by Txktoday.com.

Drove right through a red light

According to eyewitnesses and police reports, a white truck ran a red light at considerable speeds. At this time a pick-up truck which was crossing the intersection, as it had a green light, ploughed into the side of the white truck with a force that was sufficient to roll over the van.

Investigators have confirmed that among the occupants of the car, were four minor children. Fortunately, no one involved in the crash got seriously hurt. According to the police, the children only had a few cuts and scrapes on their bodies, nothing life-threatening. However, everyone in the van was still transported to a nearby medical facility just to ensure that they were in stable condition.

Healthcare professionals declared that they were all brought in a stable condition and should make a complete and quick recovery. The driver of the van may be charged with failing to yield to a red light. He will need an outstanding Texarkana truck accident lawyer if he wants his prospects to be brighter.

Fatal truck accident in Amarillo landfill kills one person

The Brownsville Herald reports that the deceased has been identified as 53-year old Michael Shawn Lightfoot. Lightfoot was the driver of a disposal truck which was involved in a deadly crash in Amarillo landfill. When emergency medical technicians rushed to the accident site, they examined Lightfoot’s vitals and officially pronounced him dead on the scene.

According to police reports and witness statements, Lightfoot wasn’t even driving or in his truck when he was killed. He was helping a colleague remove his vehicle which got stuck when he got run over by another truck.

Investigators have confirmed that it was an accident and are hence refraining from filing charges against the driver of the rig that ran Lightfoot over and killed him. They do not have any reason or evidence to suspect he was negligent or reckless.

Oklahoma truck crash kills four, driver faces manslaughter charges 

A rig driver identified as Russel Staley has been arrested and is currently in custody for suspected impaired driving in an accident that killed four members of a woman’s college softball team in Oklahoma, as reported by Bloomberg.

Supposedly, Staley’s tractor trailer ploughed into a bus that was transporting the college softball team. Responding law enforcement officers that arrived on the scene and investigated the tractor trailer found that Stanley had marijuana paraphernalia and prescription drugs stashed away in the cockpit of the tractor trailer.

Prosecutors have now hit Stanley with four counts of manslaughter and if convicted, Stanley could be put behind bars for as long as sixteen years (four years for each count). Only 4 years?

Arresting officers have also testified that Stanley seemed intoxicated when they interrogated him. Apparently, his response was delayed and his pupils were dilated. The four deceased girls were all infielders for and were between the ages of 18-20. This is tragic and all these families can find their own legal help on the incredible website USAttorneys.com or find one truck accident lawyer to work with them all.

Hire a Texas truck accident attorney

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