A Texas man who was allegedly driving drunk on May 25th at around 1:30 a.m. in Dallas is facing intoxicated manslaughter charges after he caused an accident that claimed the lives of three individuals. FOX 4 News says Jose Arroyo, 23, was speeding in an SUV on Singleton Boulevard when he allegedly ran a red light and crashed into a Toyota Camry. Inside that vehicle sat Ernesto Deleon, 47, Ashley Deleon, 18, Leslie Deleon, 19, and Laura Sanchez-Quiroz.

The incident was so severe, it killed Ernesto, Ashley, and Leslie. Sanchez-Quiroz, the mother of the two girls and the wife of Ernesto, was the only one to survive the accident along with Arroyo and the passenger who had been riding with him. The source says Sanchez-Quiroz was transported to the hospital where she was placed in the intensive care unit. At the time of reporting, the source said the mother of two was unaware that her daughters and husband had been killed in the accident.


Investigators Work to Determine Where Arroyo Had Been Drinking Prior to the Accident


After the fatal accident, investigators began working with the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) to determine where Arroyo had been drinking prior to the crash. TABC spokesperson Chris Porter says that it is a standard procedure for the TABC to work with local investigators after a serious accident involving alcohol occurs to determine where the alcohol came from. In the event Arroyo was overserved at a nightclub or bar, additional parties could be held accountable for the fatal wreck.


Arroyo’s History with Drinking and Driving is Revealed


According to the news source, this wasn’t the first time Arroyo was hit with charges stemming from DWI. In fact, just last year, the 23-year-old was convicted on a DWI charge in Dallas County. However, given the severity of this incident, Arroyo is now likely to face some rather serious penalties that could land him in jail and lose his driving privileges for a significant period of time.


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