Truck collisionHouston, TX- A collision between a semi-truck and a SUV in Montgomery County Monday afternoon left an infant dead and two others suffering major injuries.

ABC 13 in Houston reports that the accident occurred at 1:00 p.m. on Highway 249 near Pinehurst. Authorities say that a semi-truck drive, waiting to make a delivery, was parked in the right lane of a roadway when an SUV slammed into the rear of the truck.

An 18-month-old boy was killed in the collision. The deceased boy’s mother and the

The truck driver told police he was making a delivery and was on the phone talking to a business owner when the collision occurred, according to ABC 13.

Police have not decided if they will cite the truck driver for blocking the lane of travel. Texas traffic laws forbids any motorist from parking outside a business on a main road. One officer told Click2Houston that police were speaking to the district attorney’s office to see if they can the driver with the highest criminal charge possible.

It is possible that the woman driving the SUV played a role in the collision since she failed to see the truck parked in the road. In many truck collisions both the truck driver and passenger vehicle motorists can be at fault, but that doesn’t forbid a truck accident victim from seeking compensation if they were seriously injured. In such cases, a victim can still recover damages under Texas’ comparative negligence law.

If you believe you deserve to receive compensation for an accident but were partially at fault, USAttorneys urges you to discuss your case with a truck accident attorney located in Houston to explain how comparative negligence works in personal injury and wrongful death claims and if you are entitled to seek any amount of compensation.

Basically, comparative negligence reduces the amount of compensation an accident victim is entitled to according to their level of responsibility for an accident. Say for instance that a motorist is considered to be 15 percent responsible of an accident and a truck driver is 85 percent responsible. The motorist would still be eligible for compensation, but the amount they receive would be reduced by 15 percent.

Even when an accident doesn’t involve comparative negligence and fault lies with one party, the victims are urged to consult with a truck accident lawyer near your Texas location. You may be contacted very soon after your collision and asked to take a settlement right away. Doing so may be expedient and give you immediate relief, but it could be a decision you regret. Most accident victims don’t realize how costly their injuries will be over the long-term and accept a settlement too soon. Hastily taking a settlement could mean you get far less than you need or deserve.

When you hire one of the truck accident lawyers at USAttorneys, you can relax knowing someone is fighting for your best interests and will go the extra mile, so you receive maximum compensation that allows you to get your life back on track.