Even on roads in rural areas, there are still hazards that may not necessarily be due to traffic or vehicle congestion. 

A truck crash in a small west Texas town caused the death of a local fire chief. 

Fire chief dies after losing control of his truck

The incident happened on State Route 20 approximately 50 miles away from the city of El Paso on a Wednesday night, while the chief was driving a fire engine. At some point while driving down this road, the vehicle appears to have landed on its top and the driver was ejected from his seat and out onto the road. Authorities were only able to tell reporters that the truck slipped off of the pavement, but they had no explanation. 

The fire chief who died was a 71 year old man from the town of Fort Hancock. Medical workers confirmed his time of death as 6:30 pm. 

Police are still investigating what initially caused the accident and why the vehicle flipped over. The Texas Department of Public Safety was planning to conduct a full investigation, but they found that the driver was not wearing his seatbelt during the collision.

What are the most important things to do after an accident? 

There are a number of important factors to consider after any collision involving a truck

The first thing to do at the scene is to get help from the police or local fire department if it appears that there are injuries or any severe forms of property damage. You should also make contact with the other driver and get information about their insurance policy and vehicle if it is safe to do so. Your own insurance company will need to be contacted regarding the accident.

If the collision causes any losses such as damage to your vehicle, or bodily injury that requires medical treatment, it is important to keep the records of the transaction. These may become important pieces of information later and help prove the element of damages in a civil negligence case. 

When your insurance company is in the process of looking at any claims related to vehicle damage or injuries, it is beneficial to get help from a civil attorney as well. Keep in mind that insurance companies are only businesses that are mostly concerned with profits. They are not necessarily going to inform you of all of your rights and discuss the possibility of civil lawsuits or other actions that will help you receive compensation for your injuries and other losses. 

Speak to a truck accident attorney in Texas

There are local lawyers who can assist you with lawsuits and other actions that are important in the aftermath of a collision. Use the listings on USAttorneys.com to find a professional in your area. 

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