Dallas, TX- Two players for Texas A&M-Commerce women’s basketball team were killed Tuesday evening after the sedan they were traveling in was broadsided by a tractor-trailer at a notoriously dangerous intersection in Paris, Texas.

Reports state that Latisha E. Hearne 21, of Dallas, was driving southbound on FM 1497 around 6 p.m. when she stopped to make a left turn into the eastbound lanes of Loop 286. Witnesses to the accident told police they saw the sedan pull in front of the tractor-trailer driven by an Oklahoma man, KXII reported.

The tractor-trailer struck the rear passenger side of the sedan where Aubrey Butts, 20, and Devon Oliver, 21, were seated. The sedan came to rest in a grassy area of the intersection, according to KXII.

Butts was transported to the hospital but later died of her injuries. Oliver was pronounced dead on the scene by Texas Highway Patrol. Hearne and front-seat passenger Zeonbia Winbush, 19, both suffered non-life threatening injuries and were also take to a local hospital. The driver of the tractor-trailer was not injured.

All four women played for the Texas A&M-Commerce women’s basketball team.

The investigation is ongoing, but law enforcement has ruled out speed or intoxication as factors in the accident. No one has been charged.

Residents in the area say the intersection where the accident occurred is one of the most dangerous in Paris. According to KXII, this is the same intersection where a Paris EMT was killed eight months ago and the Texas Department of Transportation is studying it to determine how deadly accidents are prevented.

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